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11 Jan 2019
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Not long ago, when the spring of 2018 was just coming in with all the promise of life, green and budding all about me, I felt myself still in a deep, dark winter to which I saw no end. One late afternoon, which found me bloated, weak, shaky, almost trembling with an illness from which I could find no respite, came a magazine to my post box. A friend had gifted me with an issue of Healing Our World and there it was awaiting me, to change my life all in one day.

I didn’t know what lay inside, so I put it on my desk pile. That evening, however, after a crying jag brought about by the realization that I would have to withdraw further from my life work, due to exhaustion and illness, I decided to settle into my tub with a good read. I took that portentous magazine off my pile and began to read while the hot water buoyed and supported my tired bones.

The message therein began to stir an excitement, kindling within me a small light of hope. After I read further, I went to my computer and started exploring this world called Hippocrates.

I’ll do it! Everything I had explored and read about this lifestyle made such intuitive sense to me. Why wasn’t this more available in the health media? It seems so real, primal, and basic, this way of thinking; why has it eluded me? How simple to see food as medicine, or as poison as the case may be. Why not simplify my eating habits and try this?

As a doctor of Oriental medicine, this path should have been known by me, and, in part, of course, it was. Yet my own food cravings and addictive cycle of eating what seemed comforting to my spirit won out over a sober eating path. Additionally, I was ignorant of how processed meat and grain had so sorely and exponentially been mutated. In the state of disease to which I had sunk, my despair and need for comfort had led me to consume the fried, the sweet, the oily, and the dairy. Simply, I was in my own dark night of the soul and the body. I saw no way out. I was in a food comfort nightmare.

After the night’s reading, I slowly began to implement a transitional plan to save my life, although I did not know at the time that this truly was going to happen. I also procured a high-quality juicer and blender, and the competition between my cravings, my desire, and the live rainbow food lifestyle began.

I feel led to make a confession, here-to-fore alluded to but now brought forth with truer clarity: I am a food addict. This is a serious business, and for all my fellow sufferers out there, I feel it of paramount importance to make this confession, as shameful as it may be. I simply could not stop eating foods to satiate some deep craving or emptiness within me. I ate till my kidneys, spleen, and heart functions became compromised. Literally, I was eating myself to death. This I know is what drug addicts and alcoholics do, yet my path of addiction felt to me as terminal as these more toxic paths. I have never been able to find a way of eating that does not lead me back to my cravings to once again begin the crescendo into illness. I am 59 years old and have finally found myself at a place where physicians were prophesying dialysis, diabetes, and heart disease. One would think this would have put enough fear in me to finally stop and curb my cravings. It did not.

Enter the Hippocrates way of life. This is what I have to say about this wonderful plan: “Here is the key to a way of life that works!” Six months have passed for me, three months of which I implemented the simple plan of eating at my home; then one month wherein I became a student and recipient of the Hippocrates Wellness’s Life Transformation Program, receiving all of their love, intelligence, and excellent care. Now, on my own again, I am armed with the knowledge to save and celebrate my new life.

I have awoken from my nightmare of a lifetime of food-craving desire. Now my body is hungry for and constantly celebratory of this good, green life. I look upon those old food friends of mine and know them for the masked poisons that they were. I no longer feel any alliance with them. Now I walk this beautiful way, growing lighter and stronger in my body, my spirit, and my mind. I have changed. Releasing meat and all processed and GMO products has given me a new pair of glasses through which to view my life. From this vantage point, my perspective is so clear and drenched with light. I

am enjoying mounting health, which is changing me at the very core of my being.

Who could ever want more? I invite you to join me; we are going to have so much fun.

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