The Problem With Oysters And Chocolate

5 Feb 2019
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Although oysters are well known as a source of zinc, they are better known as a toxic food. Even in the Bible people are warned not to eat shellfish. They are the scavengers of the ocean and absorb all of its poisons. There is more toxic pollution in the oceans than ever before in human history. These are carcinogens that are runoffs from the industrial and pharmaceutical industries. Any zinc benefit that would be gained from eating oysters would be far outweighed by the toxic effects. It is also common knowledge that parasites are in oysters.

Chocolate has received a lot of propaganda mileage about its phytochemical benefits, but it has a very high fat content, and most chocolate on the market is permitted by law to contain rat droppings up to ten percent of volume. Rats are attracted to the cocoa beans as they are transported via freighters. Chocolate has negative effects on the liver and gallbladder and for the little phytochemcal benefit you gain, there are far more problems involved that result in a weakening of the immune system.

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