Detox: The Basics

18 Oct 2019
Detox The Basics
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We ask every guest coming to Hippocrates to arrive without any synthetic chemicals in their possession, especially in their personal care products. Their first step in the healing process is to remove as many toxins from their body as possible to allow the organs and immune system to operate most efficiently. These toxins are most often embedded in the cell structure of the body, so we must rebuild the body to introduce healthy cells to regenerate health, and that means first initiating a detoxification regimen.

All of us should consider undergoing detoxification as a process for maintaining health. A juice fast one day a week would be helpful. Exercise, colon cleanses, and eating pure, natural, organic food also help. Having a detox strategy for yourself and those you love is a survival mechanism that can help to maintain good health and maybe even prevent premature death.

Each aspect of the detox program is equally important. If you are constipated, colon cleansing should be your first step. If you have poor digestion or you have a cold, fasting might be the most important first step. Exercise that works up a sweat can effectively remove some toxins from the body via perspiration.

As far as supplements, chlorella is at the top of the list for detox. It is the most effective of the green algae in taking out heavy metals and radiation from the body, as it has a mineral complex that magnetizes toxins, which acts as a sponge to soak them up. When my wife and I were in Russia, we used a combination of chlorella and chlorophyll to help rid radioactivity from people who were exposed to it during the Chernobyl disaster. Russian research scientists told us this proved to be the most effective detox.

Following chlorella on the list of important detoxifiers is capsicum, the extract of cayenne pepper, which increases circulation and warms up the body, causing us to perspire. Capsicum positively influences cardiovascular health.

Garlic is next on the list, as it is most effective at killing microbes and eliminating them from the body. It also helps rid the body of mold and fungi. Edible green clay can be effective in ridding the body of poisons. Equally important is consuming large amounts of organic cruciferous vegetables, because the sulfur they contain can attract and remove poisons and mutagens from the system.

Article by Brian Clement, PhD, LN

Detoxification Yields Unexpected Benefits

Having been an Olympic gymnast and recreational athlete, I have always been conscious about my body and my overall health. Over the last twenty years, I have often chosen to spend my vacations at health spas. Hippocrates turned out to be much more than a health spa. My experience at this unique healing institute surpassed all my expectations.

My primary goal in attending the program was to learn how to thoroughly detoxify my body, purify my mind, and transform the quality of my life. At first I found it overwhelming, and the lifestyle changes were challenging. But as I immersed myself fully in the wheatgrass and juice therapies, organic living food, colon cleanses, far-infrared sauna, exercise, and other detox therapies, it became much easier.

At the end of three weeks, I felt energized, empowered, and transformed. Since then, my eyesight has improved, and I find that it is much easier to maintain my ideal weight. My participation in the Hippocrates Program was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, equivalent to my participation as a gymnast in the XIVth Olympiad in London in 1948.

—Rose Voisk, New York

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