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El Dorado 7

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El Dorado 7

El Dorado is located in the southwest corner of the property. It is accessible by road or path, and provides for a delightfully peaceful walk by the Garden of Vegan. This house has its own pool and many separate living areas and entrances. These separate entrances and living rooms provide added privacy and intimate areas for guests to enjoy.

  • Shared Bedroom
  • 3 Queen Beds (Shared Room)
  • Quiet Room
  • Second Floor
  • Private Bathroom
  • Private Entrance
  • Private Bedroom Entrance
  • Shared Pool on Property
  • 100% organic and natural memory foam mattresses by Essentia
  • Porch
  • Sauna in Room
  • Shared Laundry on Property
  • Shared Phone
  • Bright Room
  • Bedroom View (Pool)
  • Perfect for Family

Room 7 is a shared room with 3 Queen-sized beds. It is a very spacious room on the second floor with a private bathroom for each bed. Each bed also has an accompanying wardrobe or dresser for storage. Outside of this room is a deck that leads to the staircase down to the ground level.

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