Cottage D 2

Cottage D

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Cottage D

Cottage D, E, F and G are clustered together in one building but with separate entrances and separate patios. They are conveniently located within the central hub of activities, closest to the Become Organic salon, the Juice Bar, the Hut and the Store.

  • Shared Bedroom
  • 2 Queen Beds (Shared Room)
  • Quiet Room
  • Main Floor
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Tub with Shower
  • Private Entrance
  • Private Bedroom Entrance
  • Shared Pool on Property
  • 100% organic and natural memory foam mattresses by Essentia
  • Screened Patio
  • Shared Saunas on Property
  • Shared Laundry on Property
  • Shared Phone
  • Dark Room
  • Bedroom View (Grounds)
  • Service Dog Allowed

Cottage D is a shared, self-contained unit with 2 Queen-sized beds. The bathroom area is equipped with a walk-in shower in the bathtub. For storage, each bed is assigned half a dresser and a nightstand. 

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