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Hacienda 1

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Hacienda 1

Hacienda is located in the hub of activity half way between Wigmore Hall and Oasis Spa. The Store and the Hacienda training room is located on the main floor of this building. It is also steps away from the Hacienda, Mineral and Cold-plunge pools.

  • Shared Bedroom
  • 2 Queen Beds (Shared Room)
  • Quiet Room
  • Main Floor
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Steam Shower
  • Multi-Head Shower
  • Private Entrance
  • Private Bedroom Entrance
  • Shared Pool on Property
  • 100% organic and natural memory foam mattresses by Essentia
  • Screened Porch
  • Shared Saunas on Property
  • Shared Laundry on Property
  • Shared Phone
  • Bedroom View (Grounds)

Room 1 is a very large shared room with 2 Queen-sized beds. The bathroom access is located within the room. The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower. Each bed shares a portion of the wardrobe and has their own nightstand.

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