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Those who know and love Hippocrates are our best Ambassadors. Now more than ever we need the message of health to travel the world.

Hippocrates has many friends around the globe who are passionate about sharing their personal experience and how the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program helped them transform their health and life.

For a bit of history, we have had, for some years now, a Referral Agent Program that allowed Hippocrates’ graduates to become representatives of Hippocrates and refer friends, family and clients to our Life Transformation Program.

As a thank-you for their important outreach, Hippocrates offered referral commissions for a referred contact’s tuition amount when they completed the program. Taking advantage of technology, we have built an exciting new program that current Referral Agents and our new Graduates can benefit from, to help them ‘Share the Gift of Vibrant Health Around the World’.

With marketing, educational and informational support, our Ambassadors will be well-equipped to share their Hippocrates experience and support their referrals.

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