From Cancer to Remission

4 Jan 2019
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The doctor explained that if I were older, she would believe that the tumor was benign. However, because I was young she suspected it might be cancer. Just that word instilled so much fear in my heart. My mind started to race, ruminating on all the medical statistics about the increase of cancer and how treatments most often are more harmful than helpful. Of course the doctor advised that my options were surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Knowing that pancreatic cancer had the worst prognosis of all, the only thing I could find solace in was that at least I did not have a flesh eating disease nor was lying paralyzed from a stroke. Added to my massive fatigue, I now began suffering the effects of depression. All I could think about was the cancer. I was reluctant to make plans for the future. Three months away seemed like an eternity. Five years certainly seemed impossible. Should I continue to tend my home? Would I be alive next week?

Finally, my physician suggested that I see a specialist, Dr. Taylor, who supported the pancreatic cancer diagnosis with finality. Thank God my five daughters came and nurtured me. They adjusted their schedules and stayed with me at the onset of this sad period of my life. They described my color as gray green. Every day seemed insurmountable. On top of all of this the doctors finally admitted that although chemotherapy and radiation treatment were suggested, they ultimately would not make any difference in my case, nor would they prolong my life. They told me, “I am sorry, Samantha, get your house in order.”

These crushing words disheartened me and brought me to the realization I had been written off. My children and I continued to search the medical literature and found that a twelve month survival rate would be the most I could hope for. After exploring all the medical options, we finally concluded that there were none.

Thank God we had all practiced meditation for many years. This led us to be somewhat familiar with natural living and methods for healing. Slowly, I pulled my self together by improving my lifestyle, which gave me enough energy to search out a place of healing.

That is when I came upon the Hippocrates Wellness. It was reassuring to find that they had fifty years of experience. There were innumerable examples of people who had beaten the odds and brought about their own recovery from catastrophic disease. Their belief paralleled mine…we must learn to trust our body in its God-given ability to heal itself.

I packed my bags and boarded a plane from my home in eastern Canada and arrived in sun-drenched Florida. As I stepped onto the Institute’s grounds and met the staff and finally the Clements, I felt at home and completely encouraged for the first time since my diagnosis of death. Reflecting back, I remember thinking about what a different experience it was here versus the medical model that I had suffered at home.

I slowly adopted the program and was so impressed when I microscopically viewed cancer cells thriving on cooked food. This wrenched me into the full adoption of the living food diet. Slowly but surely, my color returned to a more acceptable yellow pallor, and as time passed my normal complexion prevailed.

In addition to the diet I also used far infrared therapy to gently heat my body up to 40 degrees Celsius. I also made sure to include lots of massage and reflexology, as well as continuing my medication and creative visualization, along with copious amounts of wheatgrass.

After two years the tumors had shrunk from 10 centimeters to 4.5 centimeters.

Before I knew it, I was in remission. Now I understood fully that cancer can be beaten. What made me realize that I was completely well was my busy schedule: the many days I spent on the golf course or swimming; and all the joyous and fruitful time I enjoyed with my five fantastic daughters.

Coming back to life shook my core and helped me to remove my fears. Realizing I was now a walking, talking example of my own body’s intelligence gave me the vigor to share this experience with my family, friends, and those of you reading this today. Now, almost seven years later, I realize that this lifestyle requires focus, daily commitment and constant follow-through.

Taking total responsibility for my health has not only brought about my own survival over the last seven years, it has also elevated me to the understanding that life begins with me. You are the one with the authority and responsibility to move forward to change anything in your life. Like me, you can squelch any limitation presented to you.

-Samantha Young

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