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1 Jun 2012
Author: Hippocrates Wellness Team
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Fast forward a few years. I did achieve the financial success and the accolades that often accompany this type of traditional accomplishment, but I was still unfulfilled. I was an achiever and always striving to please people with what I could do for them. I was their “champion” or what I was often called in my industry, “Jolene, the hired gun.” This, of course, fed my ego and kept me on that proverbial treadmill going nowhere in terms of my ultimate desire. I became so unbalanced, often working very late at night, that I completely lost myself in the process. I was immobilized by discouragement and hopelessness as I realized that I had spent so much time working that my values had become completely turned upside down and practically non-existent.

In addition, I started to use food to attempt to meet my need for love and connection, instead of meeting those needs in a more sustainable way through a healthy relationship. I finally realized that food and work were just vehicles I used to meet my needs and, even though they were obtainable, they were ultimately not sustainable. Needless to say, this behavior decimated my confidence and self-esteem and seriously compromised my self-image. I really started to feel the pain of a life of meaningless existence. That pain became a giant inhibitor for my destructive behavior, as well as a motivator for my self-fulfillment and happiness.

I decided to kick my journey of personal development into high gear. My search led me to The Hippocrates Wellness. The program was life changing and had an enormous impact on every aspect of my life. After completing the three-week program, I decided to pursue the nine-week Health Educator Program. Within the constructs of that program, I disassembled and reorganized my values, learned the importance of the living foods lifestyle, and changed my psychology in the process. It was a real eye opener and very educational. I loved it! In the light of this new education, I began to understand the power and magic of life and living in my own truth.

Vol 28 Issue 1 page 41

As I embarked upon my truth and a whole new philosophy of eating, I began to see results that were life altering. I let go of more than 40 pounds and gained a wonderful relationship with a man. In fact, the relationship showed up before the weight came off and that made it much more special to me. I had a shift in consciousness and out of that experience I blossomed even before I let go of the weight. This change in identity allowed my true essence as a woman to shine. Within six months, the changes that I experienced produced a forward momentum that propelled me to where I am today: totally passionate about my life and possessing a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I now realize in retrospect that, quite paradoxically, the challenges I have experienced have become my gurus and teachers. They have guided me to greater understanding and compassion for others and illuminated a new life direction. I have since become certified as Hippocrates Health Educator, a Master Neuro-Strategist Practitioner, and NLP Timeline Coach, a Regression Specialist, a Master Reiki Practitioner, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. In addition, I am also a Senior Leader with the Anthony Robbins organization working with people to help them break through barriers and achieve what they want in life.

I am thankful for having had these challenging experiences. They have helped me navigate a path toward fulfilling my passion of launching a successful greenhouse business; coaching people on the importance of the living foods lifestyle, and helping individuals get into action around what is truly important to them. I am filled with compassion, gratitude, joy, and passion – and a true desire to be of service to others who stand where I once stood.

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