Wheatgrass a Breath of Fresh Greens

26 Mar 2021
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Go green, be green, eat green, live green, drink green.

Clearly, we are in the midst of an unprecedented planetary trend. For many this is a ground-breaking idea, but at its core “green” means living simply and naturally. “Green” encompasses all of planet Earth’s true superfoods: on the ground in the form of vegetation, in the oceans in the form of sea vegetables and in fresh water in the form of algae. These foods help us reconnect to Earth, listen to nature’s wisdom, and allow our bodies to heal. Feel free to watch the movie “Avatar” again for this simple and powerful message. It’s time to become healthy again by tapping into the basic yet profound awareness of our instincts.

The foundation of Hippocrates Wellness, and, in the larger perspective of planet Earth, is the greens: wheatgrass, sunflower, pea greens, sprouts, leafy greens, algae, seaweed and all the wonderful green life surrounding our 55 acre campus.

Everyone knows humans are mammals. The majority of the mammals on this planet consume a diet of grass and/or leafy greens. In fact, humans are one of the few mammals that still eat meat, and the only mammal that actually cooks its food. To say that protein only comes from eating meat is an uninformed statement. In truth, sprouted beans, nuts, seeds, algae, grains, grass and greens are the best source of digestible proteins for our bodies. Have you ever stopped to think, “Where does the ‘meat’ get its protein?” Think about it on a bigger scale. How is it possible that approximately 85% of mammals can thrive solely on leafy greens? Elk, moose, deer, giraffes, gorillas, elephants, horses…and don’t forget the mammal from which we Westerners get most of our food…the cow!

In the past, when you lived on red meat and dairy products, indirectly, you lived on GRASS! There is the “green” word we need back in our lives. The cow was eating the grass; we were eating the cow. We were absorbing Earth’s nutrients in our diets second hand through the animal. Today cows are shot full of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones, only perpetuating the health detracting effects of eating twice removed nutrients.

We are no longer getting the grass (green/earth) in our diets!

This nutritional tragedy is compounded by the fact that most greens are complete foods, and they produce the body’s most vital fuel, oxygen…The first thing your body needs to live, before food and water, is oxygen! Let’s face it, the only people that really focus on breath these days, unless you’re into yoga, tai chi, or meditation, are smokers! What exactly are you doing when you smoke? You’re breathing deeply. I am not encouraging smoking, however, I am encouraging breathing. Try it without the “stick.” Walk away from people, your job, etc…go somewhere, by yourself, and spend five minutes breathing deeply. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer you feel after doing this.

Let’s review how wheatgrass and greens came to light. Ann Wigmore founded the first Hippocrates in Boston approximately 65 years ago. She actually healed her health issues by chewing, and chewing, and chewing on lawn grass. Lawn grass…not wheatgrass. She was chewing on it and spitting out the fibers. Ann was still sick for many weeks, but stayed with it until she eventually started feeling better. This journey began by observing animals chew on grass. She was also influenced to experiment with grasses because of the following statement that was made to her as a child: “Instinct guided creatures, left to themselves, do not make mistakes.” Most of us chewed on grass or weeds as children, when it was around. Why then, and not now? Did we, as children, understand more about our vital connection to the Earth? Yes! Unfortunately, most of us have since lost sight of our instincts.

Ann learned that grasses are not only one of the most complete foods on the planet, but that they also possess healing properties. Of all the grass seeds, wheat emerged triumphantly because of its sweeter, more palatable taste. Her cat chose it.

Ann also learned that chlorophyll (the Mother of every green food) can increase hemoglobin (blood) quality, which means more efficient istribution of oxygen to every cell in our bodies.

Oxygen content on the planet in the 21st century has decreased. 100 years ago, there was a much higher concentration of oxygen in the air. The most oxygen out there these days, if you live in a lush, green area, is around 20%. However, in downtown major cities it is much lower. Does anyone remember “smog alerts?” I do, but not since 1990, when they stopped telling people what is really going on out there. Fact: Oxygen in the cells means less chance for cancer or even a virus, to survive. From greens we get chlorophyll, which increases hemoglobin and thus creates more oxygen in our cells.

Consuming greens, fresh wheatgrass juice, green sprouts, and green juices, allows your body to take care of itself. In addition, we can support internal cleansing through alkalizing, detoxifying, carrying life to the cells with oxygen, nutrients and life. Fresh wheatgrass juice alone can help replace many of your morning time supplements. The foundation of your diet and your life should be greens. Consuming fresh living greens keeps us in touch with the vibrational life force that begins with the sun’s energy radiating to Earth giving life to greens. Be conscious of your choices and understand that food is a crucial choice.

Get the Earth back in your life. Your cells crave clean oxygen. Get back in touch with the planet by growing your own greens: be it a garden, sprouts in your kitchen, or wheatgrass trays in your city apartment. It starts with you. “What’s simple is true.” No more waiting until tomorrow. Do it now! Live vibrantly. Love deeply. Listen to your heart as it has a lot to say. Your heart contains more answers than your head! Take a deep breath. It’s all about the greens!



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