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7 Aug 2020
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By Brian Clement PhD, LN

The term immunity has also been around for centuries, but its return performance on a global scale requires revisiting its true nature. The immune system, in general, consists of the organs, cells, and proteins which work together to protect our body from infections and toxins.

In the 1970s when I began my work, I gave full credit to the gathering of cells called the innate and adaptive immune system. The innate part of our immune system is inherited and therefore, active from the time of our birth. The cells of this system, called phagocytes, surround and engulf invaders. Discovering that your skin, nostrils, eyes, etc. are actually the first line of defense when the bad guy microbes, smutty fungus, and problematic parasites and their allies attack you is an example of biology’s strategic genius.

There are also chemical components of innate immunity, including substances called interferon and interleukin-1. This frontline of defending soldiers start to send messages out to their colleges in the specialist part of their army, as an example, enough viruses may be inhaled to fully infect your whole anatomy. The cells from your immune system battle and destroy the majority so that you do not succumb to the invading force. While at the same moment, the military’s intelligence section, called “adaptive”, are learning about the enemy so that they train full-time cell soldiers to recognize, attack, and even destroy the microbes before they sicken and/or kill you.

Their ammunition is anti-bodies and antigens that permanently protect you from that precise alien throughout your life. These antibodies are developed by cells called B lymphocytes after the body has been exposed to the invaders. Chicken pox, once endured, does not return since your brilliant immune system immediately knows how to prevent it from infecting you.

When microbes mutate and morph into other forms that the body’s protection system is not familiar with, it becomes increasingly more difficult to fight that type of invader. Chronic fatigue syndrome and its cousin AIDS are so new that humanity’s bodies are still learning how to fight these infectious maladies. Note, common colds generally come and go in short order, they only wreak havoc when your body is weak enough to succumb to their infection. COVID-19 is a triune virus, some from the cold family, part of the HIV, and a bit of SARS. For this reason, it acts differently than more familiar strains, and in cases where people have compromised or weakened armies it may be fatal.

Vaccines are meant to replace the natural state of affairs called “herd immunity”. Thousands of years ago when an infection would move through a community, eventually people resisted the problem and either prevented it or contracted a low symptom reaction. Injecting strains of a virus or bacteria into your bloodstream, and getting the innate immune system familiar with it has the potential to prevent it, unfortunately, this has not always proven to work well. This is especially concerning when they add disease causing chemistry and biology to the concoction. Furthermore, rushing a vaccine to market without long-term, laborious studies, puts it into the speculative or experimental realm, making it less possible to effectively deal with the enemy and most certainly harbor negative effects.

Over the last five decades I have clinically observed that the one and only way to eliminate any and all disease is to rest, feed, hydrate, and exercise the immune army. This brilliant gathering of cells are the natural way to prevent and reverse disease, and they will never let you down when you commit to building them up.

Why one person gets sick and another does not is all about immunity. Why one person dies and another recovers is the brilliance, strength, and relentless impact that these powerful cells have on squashing invaders. 

Two hundred years ago, physicians of the time did not have any idea why people got sick and perished. There was a wide gathering of guesswork employed by the physician. Some of these practitioners actually believed it was evil spirits that were causing health concerns. Many thought your blood became old so they
“bled” you making room for new fresh plasma to fi ll your veins. Pasteur and Lister presented a new hypothesis when they showed that microscopic life forms were at the heart of most disorders.1

Soon after, the emerging pharma industry adopted this discovery as their main mantra, and ever since we have gone to war with the enemy. Sadly, undesired results often present themselves since the pharma drugs that are employed to kill microbes also kill the healthy bacteria in your gut that produce more than three quarters of your immune system. Resulting from this mistaken approach is the chronic disorders that pervade nearly 60% of our young people. This is a five-fold increase since 1980. The youth are often the sickest among us and, as they mature, the weakened immune cells aren’t able to prevent ever greater maladies.

Needless to say, the poison saturation of our entire environment, food and water system, and even our dwellings and the clothes that adorn us add further burden to the body. Humanity is at a biological breaking point and it is rare that I sit with a young woman or man who is completely well. This modern phenomenon is testimony to the discombobulated life that most of us lead.

Immunity is your best friend, and it should always be on your mind to support, foster, and respect. No matter what we face, be it premature aging, a viral disease, or bacteria, etc. the only way that you ultimately prevent, and or reverse a dangerous health trend is by possessing an intelligent, muscular, and aggressive immune system. Diseases such as cancer are now correctly being treated with immune boosting medicine.

Would it not be even more sensible to maintain this system so that we do not contract cancer in the first place? The good news is that YOU have complete control over your destiny when it comes to well-being. By befriending your devoted immune allies, you will live a life of health, happiness, and healing.


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