Ana Perez HHI Photo By Andrés Jiménez 0056

Ana Maria Perez

Director of Facilities

Ana Maria was raised in Peru, where she worked for the National airline Aeroperu. She quickly climbed the ladder due to her strong organizational skills, loyalty, persistence, and commitment to meeting other’s needs. But, her quest for perfection brought her to the U.S. 18 years ago chasing new horizons.

Furthermore, she moved to Florida in 2002 due to the multicultural diversity, since working with different cultures made her look at the world from a different perspective and helped her grow as an individual. She began working in the hospitality business around this time, having held the position of Housekeeping Manager at The Hollywood Diplomat, for three years; Singer Island Luxury Collection Resort, for four years; and five years, at The Breakers.

In 2015, she joined us as at Hippocrates as the Housekeeping and Laundry Manager. Her team ensures that our common areas and rooms look immaculate and organized. She is responsible that our room attendants are well trained under the same standards. Ana makes it a point that our guest feel comfortable, welcomed and satisfied while trying to anticipate all their needs. In 2019, she become the director of facilities to expand her horizons. She is now responsible for all the grounds and the buildings in the property.

Ana Maria loves learning from difficult situations that might occur, always learning from her experiences and focusing on her mistakes to ensure they do not repeat themselves. She is proud of her job and is always on top of everything that might arise. Ana ensures that her team is working and growing together as one, believing that unity is paramount to our success.

Ultimately, she truly believes that one of the most rewarding experiences is seeing others experience personal growth. Ana always carries the most important message to her family, neighbors, and friends. Letting them know that you live according to what you eat and that medicine will not always save you. It is how you live and treat your body that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Ana Maria’s work in Hippocrates has given her the chance to interact more with our guests – she loves it! – and true to her spirit, she is pursuing new skills: she is learning to live a healthier life and she is helping others to feel that way.