Rodney Dodson

Program Specialist

My calling is to help you create the prosperous life of your dreams.

To shift from survival mode to a thrive reality. It is possible for everyone. Yes, you are worthy. If you wanna live healthier, rest better, and become prosperous - you're in the right place!


Before I discovered holistic wellness, I struggled. Living with daily anxiety for many years. I was financially well —but stressed and basically miserable. I designed this life through my own thoughts of what a "successful life" should be. I was in for a surprise.


At my lowest point, I had a spiritual "aha" moment. I remembered who I was. How I was worthy. How we are all worthy. How life could truly be an adventure filled with joy and vitality. I realized how badly I wanted to teach others to thrive too.  So I did.


Now I spend my life helping people just like you live for a healthier, more abundant life. I am honored to help you live the best version of you!


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