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1 Apr 2019
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Your nutrition questions answered from Brian Clement PhD, LN

Question: I have heard that the soil is depleted of nutrients and vitamins and so people should take vitamins and supplements. If this were the case, how is it that all of the millions of wild living creatures roaming this earth eat from the same depleted soil yet seem to be in perfect health, weight, and shape?

In 1987, the most important global conference on the environment was held in Brazil. The reports were stunning. They found that nearly 90 percent of the mineral-rich top soil had been depleted in less than a century. Today, it’s even worse. Most commercially grown organic food, although a better choice, is grown in weak terrain with little nutrients. Humans are not the only creatures that are becoming ill and aging prematurely. Our antics have also injured other species. If you are under the illusion that they are in perfect health, you best study veterinarian science and speak, as we have, to many of the leading authorities dealing with wild creature care. Pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides have spread globally and have even reached the wild terrain in faraway places via global weather patterns.

Question: Somewhere I heard that fruit is being produced a lot sweeter than it was many years ago. I asked many elderly people if they remember fruit as being less sweet and sugary many years ago as opposed to today. They all claimed it is about the same today as when they were a kid.

Four decades ago, when we removed fruit from the diet of the people who had cancer, we didn’t have a comprehensive understanding of why tumors were growing in the presence of high fructose. Agricultural scientists taught us that hybridization began thousands of years ago in Asia, and the average fruit today has 30 times more sugar than the original variety. Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., the most important cancer researcher of our time, has exposed that fruit sugar feeds cancer even more than other forms since it metabolizes in the body as fat. This reduces oxygen loads, which Dr. Otto Warburg discussed in 1924, and he won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his findings. We broadened the scope by removing all sugars and fruits as well from people with viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungus, low and high blood sugar, etc.

I am considering Botox to conceal some lines making me look older. I am a very health-conscious person and haven’t made an appointment yet because I feel guilty for wanting to check into things such as this and collagen fillers or injectables to plump aging lips and creases. What are your thoughts?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by certain bacteria that works by paralyzing tissue. For this reason, it is not the best choice when one wants to repair aging skin. There are other more natural injections that help activate collagen, and we would encourage you to speak to the most advanced cosmetic surgeons before coming to a decision on such an important choice.

If I am on a vegan diet, I hear that it’s a good idea to take DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) besides vitamin B12. If this is true, I find it frustrating to find DHA that does not have hypromellose, caramel color, or carrageenan—their way of creating the capsule. I did not like what I read about hypromellose. Your thoughts?

If one is taking algae, blue green, green, phytoplankton, sea vegetables, etc., there is inherently DHA in the food. As stated, it is difficult to find an algae extract that is pure. There are small companies, but they rarely have anything in stock.

I have been taking LifeGive supplements for the last six to seven years. I truly believe that those supplements are the best! I have to say, though, I am very disappointed in several of the supplements I have taken over the years, because the ingredients have changed. They seem to be less potent. Phyto Enhanced was 3 pills = 1,800 mg Curcuma longa. This formula was excellent! It worked and I have taken this supplement faithfully over the years. It truly made a difference with my rheumatoid arthritis. Now the new LifeGive Curcumin Enhanced is only 2 pills = 800 mg and black pepper. It seems that for the same price we are now getting less ingredients. Also, Curcuma longa is a pure version. Now the new version has cheaper ingredients? Why?

LifeGive Curcumin Enhanced actually is extracted in a state-of-the-art fashion with a significantly higher absorption rate potential than our previous version. To your question of whether this is a less expensive version to create, on the contrary, this new process costs more. We, as the directors of Hippocrates, always aspire to improve all that we do and create higher standards. Change is not always easy to accept, yet please trust that we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to offer you and the general public the best available supplements.

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