Food, Not Fiction

20 Dec 2018
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Oxygen, enzymes and hormones far outweigh even the full spectrum of nutrients that are gained from an organic non-cooked diet: yet most people are still being led by the nose by the pill-pushers who have convinced all of us that we must take mega-doses of nutrients to gain health.

For over 8 decades we have known that a vitamin, mineral or protein cannot be used by the body unless oxygen and enzymes, with a chemistry we call hormones, are all present as you would find them in raw food.

Let us review the significance of nutrition to humans. Our most important element is Oxygen, the very heart of each of our billions of cells. In science, hemoglobin from oxygen is the fuel that generates life as we know it. This primary molecule acts as a magnet to all nutrients.

As always, we humans have conflict with the very things that bring us health. There has been an enormous backlash from the quasi-scientific community who are offering you ways out of doing the right thing. The leaders in the pack are such notable theories as The Zone Diet, which on its jacket suggests that we surrender complex-carbohydrates for a can of tuna fish, The Atkins Diet, which suggests you starve yourself from nutritive foods and embrace red meat in a big way, The Blood-type Diet, which speaks about body types requiring different types of food to allow our bodies to be healthy.

With all due respect, the absurdities they are preaching further suggest that how we should eat is a complicated maze of hard-to-understand facts. Those of us who are looking for compromise, not abundant health, will find solace in these philosophies and continue in habitual, half-hearted attempts to live well.

Enzymes are known as the catalyst to all life.

When a sperm and egg come together it is an enzyme activity that gives the spark to new life. Ironically, when we take our last breath the enzymes that generate life also disassemble it and return us to the earth. Amazingly, modern science looks at enzymes purely as a protein, whereas when you open the exterior protein shell you will find abundant electricity. The most important nutrient to you is electric!

If one challenges this, think of what we do when a heart stops beating. We certainly do not offer vitamins or minerals. We re-ignite it with a strong electrical charge.

Hormones are actually chemistry from one cell that affects another cell. It has only been in recent years that we are starting to understand the significance that this chemistry plays in both your physical and psychological well-being. Unfortunately, at this time, our understanding equates that of a day old baby. As we grow, there is no doubt that we will conclude that our bodies were built to gain hormonal nutrients from hormonal-rich living food. With these nutrients lacking, all of our twelve physical systems will suffer, and maybe even more important, our mental faculties will be skewed.

Of course, vitamins and minerals, trace minerals, elements, and proteins are the substance builders of the human cell and play the fourth most important role in gaining health and strength. If one critically observes our thinking on these nutrients you will see that we over-exaggerate the amounts needed and under-value the importance of acquiring them in a living and complete state. Once a food or a supplement is heated above 115 degrees F, the support system of oxygen-enzyme-hormone and other nutrients is destroyed, leaving the food of supplement to be non-beneficial and in many cases harmful. This harm comes from the compromised immunity which results from the need your body has to eliminate non-useable elements by your immune system.

Our greatest enemy in embracing the food that is clearly for human consumption is our own weak and habit-ridden minds. Our focus is taste and feeling rather than fuel and energy. This misguided passion, rather that purpose, has led us into widespread disease and psychological doldrums, it is time to go beyond your lowest denomination and reach for the maximum result. It is only frightening to those who are falsely comfortable in their world of moderation and unwitting self-degradation. We are each capable of restoring our physical and emotional integrity through the utilization of integrity-rich foods. Let us hope that you do not wish to continue your ride on the merry-go-round of nutritional theology and half-truths. Within your own conscious and positive changes, there will be significant signs of what life can truly be.

“Every calling is great When greatly pursued.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

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