Heart Failure, ITP Thombocytopenia

13 Sep 2018
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My journey to enlightenment started several years ago, at a time when my health was not so marvelous. I was sick for many years, and was facing the threat of death. I went to the emergency room— almost too late.

I had lost all but three units of blood and had an extremely weak pulse. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, anemia and an autoimmune complication called ITP thrombocytopenia. My platelet count would suddenly drop to dangerously low levels.

In my early 20s, I was diagnosed with ITP. Later came congestive heart failure, which caused more swelling and edema. Because of my illness, I lost my job and all the benefits of having an income and my own life. I felt as if my soul had been taken from me. I was bedridden because I lacked the strength to walk or stand. I crawled from the bed to the toilet, stubbornly waited until my condition was critical before going to the emergency room. It was the most frightening time of my life. Despite everything, I still had a strong will to live.

Medical doctors tried everything to help me, but I knew in my heart that medicine was a temporary bandage. I often wondered, “Why this was happening to me?” Despite the high doses of medications and steroids, which had terrible side effects, we still had no root cause. Without further surgeries and continuing medications, I was likely to die in three years. I had to find answers. I realized I had to take steps to understand my illness. My own research led me to Hippocrates Wellness, and my time there transformed my state of being and led me to my true life’s calling.

The transformation started with the plant-based lifestyle, which opened new doors of truth about my ability to heal my own mind, body and spirit. I became fascinated with the theory of energetic modalities and how they provide a sense of awareness about the truth behind the eye. I explored detoxification theories to learn the anatomy of the self-healing body.

After all my turmoil and adversity, my life had new direction.

Waking up at Hippocrates is like waking up in paradise. It reminds me I’m here to heal and listen to my intuitive body. On my journey to health and wellness, I learned how to be attentive to my own intuition. Now I am vibrant and healthy, and I want to share this amazing experience with everyone.

I am now a raw food coach, licensed massage therapist, licensed spiritual healer coach, and restorative health instructor. Many people believe my illness was a tragedy. I believe it was a blessing in disguise.

My ailment enlightened my world and gave me the motivation to follow my own heart. It provided me with a new sense of direction and allowed me to inspire others to become vibrantly healthy like I did. On your own journey to wellness, the one gift I wish you will receive is empowerment. My story is one of many, but your story will create a true reality for you and the world around you.

Amanda Johnson | Healed and Transformed since 2014

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