Light: Medicine of the Future

11 Dec 2018
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Based on this awareness, I hypothesized that if we looked at nothing perhaps we would see everything. Experimenting with this supposition in my own life produced dramatic results. In addition to expanding my field of vision, reducing my nearsightedness, improving my eyesight, reducing pain, and changing my point of view, it allowed me to see things that I never previously saw or even thought existed. My first discovery was that changing the way I saw occasionally allowed me to see auras around people’s bodies. I then noticed that the air was not invisible, as I had thought previously, but in fact had visible energy that could be observed in both particle and wave form. These discoveries led me to realize that people are meant to see passively, not actively, and that our eyes are meant to see for us, if we let them. In other words, vision is meant to be effortless. We need to learn to view life in the same way we view a movie – without any effort. To put effort into an effortless function only gets in the way of its fluidity, efficiency, comfort, and performance. Unfortunately, most people habitually use much effort for seeing and therefore never see many of the visible miracles of nature and life.

As a result of these insights, I decided to stop wearing my glasses, and I began to actively experiment with the workings of my mind. The major aspect of my experiments dealt with the integration of my mind and my eyes. Specifically, I was interested in how people actually see and why they see that way. During the several years I spent investigating these questions, I came to a number of powerful insights. One of the most important was that if we allow our eyes to see for us as they are meant to see, they will always bring our attention to anything in the environment that is out of place or not flowing with that experience.

Soon I began to realize that there was great purpose in the way I saw and that anything I was intuitively drawn to was important and required my attention. I started using this experimental premise in my practice and discovered some surprising things. For example, while taking a case history I would gaze casually, with an “open focus,” at the person with whom I was working. At first I noticed nothing, but after a few random gazes I began to realize that my eyes were being purposely led to certain parts of the patient’s body. As I looked at these body parts, I noticed that something seemed to be stuck there and that the body’s energy appeared to be rerouted through an adjacent area. Initially, I didn’t understand the meaning of my observations, but as I questioned my patients I began to realize that their significant physical and emotional traumas seemed to be located in those same body parts.

The wisdom of the body started to become very clear to me. Soon, I began to trust precisely what I saw and would ask patients questions related to my observations. Their response was frequently one of amazement. They would ask, “How did you know?” Much of the time I didn’t fully understand the information that I was receiving or even why I was receiving it. Nonetheless, a definite correlation seemed to exist between what I saw and what patients revealed. The foundation for a new knowing was being created.

An ancient, yet newly emerging science, The Science of Light bridges the gap between scientific knowledge, intuitive knowing, health, and personal evolution, thus acting as a foundation for a new paradigm in healing. It ushers in a new era in medicine…Energy Medicine.

Light – our oldest friend in the universe – a non-intrusive, very powerful tool, resides at the core of this new medicine. What will become very evident during this new decade is that light is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, heals, and evolves.

The eyes are the entry points through which light has its profound effect on the regulation of our physiological and emotional functioning and the development of our consciousness. We can look at the body as a living photo-cell, stimulated and regulated by light entering the eyes – “the window of the soul.” It would appear that not a single cell in the body can escape the influence of light striking the eyes. We are truly light bodies.

In the next decade we will explore the role of the pineal, “the body’s light meter”, the world of color, and how we use it to heal, and the concept of light as food – the nutrient which catalyzes biological combustion in humans, just as it catalyzes photosynthesis in plants.

What is important is not just that we use our knowledge to be better “fixers”; rather, it is imperative that we “evolve” ourselves, integrating everything that allows us to become whole, more relational, and aware of our global community. Our task is to take in and utilize light so that we may merge with out true selves and our destiny, thus facilitating the healing of our planet. As each of us becomes whole, we radiate light—light from within – unimpeded by our self-imposed emotional and physical blocks. We are healing ourselves with that which is our essence. The medicine of the future is light!

From: VISIONS OF LIGHT: Medicine of the future by Jacob Liberman, O.D, Ph.D © 1991 Reprinted with permission from Bear & Co.

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