What Is Mitochondrion?

17 Jul 2020
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By Augusta Malacarne

When Dave Asprey discovered it, he realized he could live beyond 180 years, with all his biological and cerebral functions intact! Asprey’s the author of the book Super Human, and now the manufacturer of Bulletproof health food products.

The mitochondrion is the amazing organelle, only 10 microns in size, that is the powerhouse of all the cells of the human body. So small it was not named until 1898 by Carl Banda.

A quadrillion mitochondria inhabit the cells of the human body, producing the huge amount of energy we need in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). There are 200 mitos in a liver cell alone!

Asprey at 25, was prematurely aging, obese (300 pounds) and exhibited a number of life threatening neurological diseases. This because of growing up in a toxic, mold infested household. That’s when he discovered the mitochondrion thanks to a doctor with an antiaging practice. 15 years later he was posing for a photo in the 2017 Men’s Health magazine!  Anyone discouraged by illness, depression, or chronic fatigue will find enthusiastic hope for miraculous recovery in Asprey’s book. So, what’s the formula to activate and energize these mitos, the energy producers, healers and immune warriors of the cells? Feed the mitos and they will provide you with the youth, energy and immunity from infection and disease.

Asprey began with the usual suspects: a plant based diet, reduction of caloric intake, sufficient sleep and exercise. Endurance exercise is the most potent physiological producer of mitochondria biogenesis, raising the mito content as much as 100%.


Asprey recommends sunlight for vitamin D, B vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, L- carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and pyrroloquinine quinone, the same supplement the President uses for protection from COVID-19. With these fuels, the mitos produce the ATP to attack free radicals, the accelerators of aging and regulate the gut microbiota by modulating the intestinal barrier function and the mucosal immune response.

One of the problems however, with the introduction of supplements is that one battling a disease can have difficulty absorbing concentrated nutrients and experience fatigue.

Asprey supplemented his program with infrared therapy which can penetrate inches beneath the skin activating the mitos through direct stimulation of a molecule, cytochrome c oxidase. This molecule, in turn, produces abundant ATP. That’s cellular energy.

This is the realm of Energy Medicine., using beneficial radiation to energize the mitos directly. Energy Medicine is now an advanced science and a wide number of technologies are now available to directly stimulate the microscopic mitos with an array of vibrations and electromagnetic emissions. The results are restored flexibility, pain reduction, skin and muscle tone, cardiac and vascular health, increased vitality, virility, better eyesight and the reversal of aging.


An advantage of Energy Medicine is that it can be administered passively, in a pleasant environment, with privacy and the recipient in a relaxed posture.

And it is now affordable.

The Hippocrates Wellness in West Palm Beach has an admirable assembly of twelve of the latest technologies. One apparatus combines revitalizing Infrared deep therapy with oxygen inhalation. This therapy is especially effective following an IV infusion of nutrients offered by LiquividaLounge at the same site.

Another, combines cold laser with led lights, magnetism and low ultrasonic pulsation therapy to energize  the mitochondria, allowing the body to heal itself.

A sophisticated biofeedback device uses echolocation to detect frequency imbalances anywhere in the body. The device then selects one of over a hundred protocols to send a vibration of the correct frequency to bring the body to homeostasis. The result is often pain reduction, relaxation, and improved sleep quality.   A US made device provides a sub sensory micro current therapy which uses binaural beats to bring the body into a gradual state of complete relaxation. The combination of auditory stimulation and microelectrode stimulation harmonizes the parasympathetic system. Healing can only occur when the body achieves a state of complete relaxation.


All these therapies send vibrations directly to the cellular level activating and energizing the mitochondria. Sessions start at 30 minutes and cost between $45 to $90. Portable versions of these technologies are available for purchase for home use. These protocols are worth experiencing especially in these time of increased viral concerns and unprecedented stress. Norm Shealy MD, the President of the American Holistic Association said: “Energy Medicine is the future of all Medicine.”


Augusta Malacarne

Coordinator, Energy Medicine Department, Hippocrates Wellness

[email protected]

T: 561 530 5932

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