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15 May 2020
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"I have ongoing issues after my pregnancy; I want to switch my medication for a more natural route. I have hypothyroidism and have been on medication for years, but still suff er from changes to my hair, skin, weight, temperature, and diffi culty making breast milk. How can I manage my thyroid after I am off my medication? What foods, supplements or treatments do you recommend?"



Today’s medical understanding is that Hashimotos is not helped by conventional medication. Unfortunately, many mainstream doctors maintain that protocol for their patients. Supplementing with organic selenium and ionic iodine at homeopathic levels has been helpful. It is not surprising that you have manifested hormonal acne, since the thyroid plays an essential role in the distribution of this chemical symphony. Using ionic zinc has also proven eff ective for both thyroid and maintenance of hair and its color. Supplemental Biosil and small amounts of ionic copper promote healthy scalp follicles. Needless to say, you should adopt the Hippocrates Diet and Lifestyle to enable the body to maintain an optimum weight, and use skin-enhancing healing agents from the BECOME line, like: BECOME A Little Tenderness, BECOME A Breath Of Fresh Air, and BECOME A Guardian Angel.

"In the previous issue you responded to Botox for fi ne lines and wrinkles. Your response was to use other fi llers and stem cells. Please elaborate. With fi llers, would Restylane be a better alternative? Is there a stem cell clinic(s) you would highly recommend and why?" –Donna from Toronto, Canada

Colleagues who are cutting edge in plastic surgery tell me that PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) combined with stem cells render the best results to slow dermal aging. Restylane mimics the chemistry that creates cologne. Consuming a live, organic plant-based diet combined with supplemental silica, biotin, and strontium are your best bet to keep on track to glowing like a youngster.

"Is charcoal only a remedy or can it be used as a supplement for prevention?" – Curious in Carolina

This carbon-based powder acts like a vacuum cleaner for the bad guys that may enter your system. Bursts of use, not long indulgences would be a better idea since it is indiscriminating, provoking drainage of vital nutrients long term. If one is exposed to microbes or chemicals and heavy metals, this powerful agent can help to prevent cellular uptake once contamination has occurred, it is also an agent for remedy.

"Can you tell me what it means when a person shrugs their shoulders and all sorts of snap, crackle and popping sounds are heard?" – Don

Rigidity in cartilage, lack of hydration in bones, and mental stress combine to affl ict people with a cacophony upon movement. Drinking adequate amounts of pure organic
low sugar juice and clean water is the fi rst step
to subduing these noisy outbursts, 60% of our population is dehydrated. Participate in stretching, pilates, and yogic exercise. Swimming is the only full body and brain fitness that uses 100% of all brain neurons and physical anatomy and can also be helpful.

"I have a few health issues: ADD, anxiety, high cholesterol, PCOS and pre-diabetes. My doctor says I am completely insulin resistant and due to that must take Metformin “or I will die”. He says my pancreas is producing more than enough insulin for two men and I have high testosterone. I did intermittent fasting and exercised 5 days a week for 2 miles a day and got my blood sugar from 123 fasting in two months down to 88 fasting. I have lost 24 pounds and when I ask him if
I can get off Metformin he declines. Is there another way to live without taking Metformin?" – Joy Wells

Congratulations on applying affirmative lifestyle to remedy your concerns. Hippocrates Wellnesss has worked with tens of thousands suff ering blood sugar concerns. When fully adopting the green enzyme rich diet, low blood sugar and type II diabetes seem to universally remedy themselves. You can expedite this with exercise and the use of targeted supplementation, like algae, diaxinol, etc. The ADD, anxiety, high cholesterol, and PCOS all directly relate to an imbalance in intestinal fl ora and fauna. Taking an A+ Probiotic like LifeGive and making sure that you consume adequate amounts of cellulose (prebiotic) will foster ever increasing healthy bacterial balance, sparking improved immune function. When bridging from your previous diet to your enhanced version, you may want to add some targeted herbs, like 5HDP, for anxiety, Gabba protein, etc. Cholesterol will naturally fall to the wayside. Food, body fitness, and positive action will encourage all maladies to be banished.


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