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During your stay with us, you have the opportunity to experience a diverse array of accommodations throughout our 50-acre, walking campus. In fact, no two are exactly alike.  Accommodations have been recently renovated and feature warm decor, tile floors and organic linens. The houses are fully equipped with hair dryers, alarm clocks, and iron/ironing board. Laundry facilities and laundry services are available. Your Program Specialist will help you choose the accommodation that’s right for you.


Hippocrates Wellness Royal Palm Villas
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The Hippocrates experience is a total mind/body/spirit reset. I came for weight loss and detoxing, and left totally refreshed, relaxed, 10 pounds lighter, and able to sleep much more soundly. I highly recommend a visit for those wishing to improve their health.
The property is beautiful, the natural landscape and outdoor sculptures and fountains contribute to a sense of peace and serenity. The Hippocrates team is exceptional, warm, friendly and helpful.
They have an exceptional range of innovative treatments to promote healing.
Be prepared for a diet that is probably a bit different than your normal fare, vegan and primarily raw. This is consistent with their philosophy of let "Food Be Your Medicine".
Anyone that has serious health challenges should definitely consider a 3-week stay.
Laura, New York City

The Lifestyle

Hippocrates Wellness (HHI) flourishes within a lush, tropical 50-acre setting in West Palm Beach, Florida. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable and compassionate team, guests from all over the world benefit from health and nutritional counselling, non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state of the art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals.

The goal of the institute is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain. Good health is our most prized possession, generating a positive mindset of confidence, enthusiasm, strength and joyfulness that can trigger a life of optimum achievement. Such vibrant health does not thrive by luck or by chance. Like all things of great value, it must be tended and nurtured with care. This process can be insurmountable and intimidating without the proper guidance.

Life Transformation Program
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Our unique resort

Hippocrates Wellness today has expanded within its 55-acre campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. It hosts over 86 guest rooms that are private and shared, luxury villas, exercise and medical facilities, organic garden, greenhouse and juice bar. 


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