Learn the Top 3 Ways to make your Health Goals Sustainable

4 Sep 2020
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Learn the top 3 ways to make your health goals sustainable. 

How Coaching and Hippocrates go Hand-in-Hand

Written by Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S. | Director of Online Programs


We all know how essential our health is, especially when it’s been threatened. The pain and suffering of ill health paralyzes life, and nothing can work in our lives without functioning health. 


Enjoying the experience of life becomes challenging. 


You do not have the energy to work, you are unable to parent or partner, let alone live purposefully or thrive. 


All too often, life presents illness, in one form or another, and we get sick before we take our health seriously. 


This was the cycle I witnessed throughout my life, and being bound to a wheelchair from ages 7-10, in and out of hospitals, I was convinced that life was not worth living unless I had my health. 


Health was made a priority for me at a young age, but that did not stop the negotiating and bargaining I would practice with my health for decades thereafter. 


Raised with a mother who was in Food Addicts Anonymous, and my first Weight Watcher’s meeting at age 5, my journey with suffering and health goes way back. 


It would be no mistake that I would make my career focus on health, and my quest for truth about health, a global initiative. After over 25 years of seeking, I now have a few ideas about how to thrive, not only survive, with the conviction that the learning never ends. 


I spent years studying Food as Medicine across the globe, I obtained my Master’s degree in nutrition, perfected my culinary skills, and educated about how to be healthy. I became an expert in Yoga and taught about exercise and food, the ‘how to.” 


I ran programs with the local university, I got on the final cast of MasterChef FOX TV. I had it figured out, or so I thought... 


As I was supporting my clients, I would check-in, and I realized that they hadn’t really made the changes in their life that were required to solve their problems. They complained that it took too much time. It finally hit me when a client said, “I don’t have time to make a smoothie.” 


A smoothie? 


This is the moment when I realized that the recipes and the “how to” were entirely inadequate. It was when I started to examine the deeper veins of why there was resistance in people to change their behaviors, especially when they were suffering, that I had to seek more answers. 


My extensive personal interest in theology allowed me to swiftly understand the correlations between change methodology, spirituality, and mindset. 


The answers are all housed neatly in coaching. On its surface, coaching is about asking questions, taking responsibility, and goal setting, but it is SO much more. 


Learning the art and science of ontological coaching was the cog in the wheel that propelled my clients into creating the sustainable changes they desired. This was thrilling, and the changes were not only sustainable, they were regenerative.


This was the satisfaction I needed. You know when you find out something, a secret that could change humanity forever, you want to shout it out to the world? That is exactly how this felt. Ever since the day when the ah-ha moments stuck and people were healed once and for all, I have been unstoppable. 


After witnessing the restoration of health from guests at Hippocrates, my partner and I created the Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program. We knew that the lifestyle could help so many more people who could not make it to the institute. 


After creating the program, I realized that the “how to” was going to be inadequate, and we brought the coaching program to Hippocrates so the Lifestyle would continue to make the changes that restored health. 


I knew that if we (our students) were to be successful in making the changes for humanity, we could only do it with coaching. 


If you really want results, if you are committed to thriving, and being a change agent, the Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program and the Accredited Practitioner Coaching Certificate Program are for you. 


If initiating ah-ha moments are what sparks your heart, learning the “how to” is an essential first step with the Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program. If you are inspired to make an impact and have a career in leading people to reclaim their birthright of health, happiness, and joy, you take both the Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program and the Accredited Practitioner Coaching Certificate. 


The Top 3 ways to make your health goals more sustainable: 

  1. Get correct knowledge by learning the Hippocrates Lifestyle (come to the institute, take the online program, or use the knowledge you have from being an alumni).
  2. Recommit to your health goals in small steps that are achievable on a time-line.
  3. Get supported by one of our coaches or by a good friend to help hold you accountable. 


The secret to sustainable change is in learning the art and science of coaching. There has never been a better time than now to make a contribution to humanity in restoring health. 


We created what we call a “fusion” model of coaching. It is called “fusion” because it is the education and the coaching. Coaching toward the co-creation of making the changes needed to achieve life goals with a coach providing structure and accountability, and educating on the “how to” to get there. 


This is the formula to success. 


Schedule a time to connect with me to learn more: 


Jennifer Helene, M.S. is an expert in health and nutrition. A former FORD model, MasterChef cast member, and serial entrepreneur, she creates methodologies that conceive innovation before circumstances demand it. She is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, an exclusive invitation only community. She speaks fluent French and German, and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in learning about transformation, health, and growing international businesses. She holds an M.S. in Nutrition and has been consulting groups, companies and individuals for over a decade on Lifestyle Medicine. She believes that your daily practice is your most powerful medicine.


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