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13 Dec 2019
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Since I was 9 years old I was interested in sports. I got started at that age in gymnastics and very soon I realized that there was something else I needed to do just to have a better performance.

That missing link was nutrition.

Since then, I started reading anything I could get my hands on regarding nutrition and asking anyone I could for advice. This led me to experiment with several diets and strategies ever since.

My main goal while I was studying nutrition was to build muscle, I was young and that was the only thing I cared about at that age. I was completely focused on sports nutrition and heavy supplementation.

It took me several years to change my body and I knew I had to keep on learning and study to take myself to the next level. At this moment I started working with clients and curiosity came to me.

I realized that most clients and myself struggled with “diets”. It was always the same thing: chicken, eggs, fish and rice.............oh and of course, whey protein.

I went along with what I knew at that moment for several years while still studying several specialities in nutrition, always looking for that little advantage that could take my body and strength to the next level.

A few years later in my life something weird started happening. Just the smell of chicken would give me nausea, the texture and taste just started to be disgusting and the same happened with eggs. I was consuming kilos of chicken and at least 10 eggs per day, because that was what I learned on every book, school and teacher. Still inside of me, this rejection to those foods was growing.

In my never ending quest on learning about nutrition, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Hippocrates Wellness offering a completely different way of nurturing the body which immediately made sense to me.

I started studying the program and realize that protein and every other nutrient could be obtained through many different foods, foods that didn’t cause repulsion on me.

I took the chance of changing my whole approach towards nutrition and started doing my own sprouts and be 100% vegan and I saw my body changing very fast and my energy skyrocketed.

While applying what I was learning at HHI, I also combined it with fundamental aspects of nutrition like calorie control and macro nutrient distribution. I realized that this approach was working extremely good and fast for me and people started noticing.

After finishing the program I was completely convinced about the benefits of this Lifestyle and I started to work heavily with clients and their nutrition.

Fortunately, many people are interested in improving their health and body so I took it as a full time job to educate people with coaching, group sessions, talks, conferences and online guidance.

My mom suffers from Lyme disease and after seeing every Doctor possible, the moment she decided to adopt the HHI Lifesyle, she started feeling better and now she is back having a totally normal life after just 2 months.

I dedicate my life to share with others this information. For most it is completely new, people are very confused due to the explosion of information happening all the time in social media.

In my own nutrition plan I always have three phases which I go through depending on the goal I have at the moment for body composition.

1: Phase One MASS

In this phase I try to put on mass by increasing my caloric intake daily through seeds, fruits, nuts, etc


After finishing phase 1, then I go through definition which means I loose as much fat as I can while preserving as much muscle as possible. This is where sprouts and grass are key because they provide me all nutrients while keeping calories low.

3: Phase Three MAINTENANCE

Here I am very flexible with my portions and I have more chances to “eat out”.

I could stay fit comfortably on this phase throughout the year.

The supplements I take are vitamin B12 from Hippocrates and a plant based protein powder from mushrooms. There are 3 things that you will see me everyday eating and this are mung bean sprouts, lentil sprouts and wheatgrass shot.

My transformation has always been fired up by the passion of being able to perform at my maximum everyday of my life. I love having energy throughout the day and also being able to train hard. I only train with my own body weight.

Thanks to the credibility and education that Hippocrates has given me now I am aiming more towards a 100% raw vegan diet and I would like to see the results of that!

I am the Head of Training and Nutrition in Body Masters, Latín America’s biggest and most respected TRX training facility and I am CEO of Rebel Raw. A local greenhouse store where I sell nutrition grasses and sprouts.

The Hippocrates Education program changed my life for the good! I have been vegan for several years now and I appreciate every single day the health and vitality this lifestyle has provided me.

Now sharing this education and motivating others to make the change is my purpose!

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