What is Energy Medicine?

10 Jul 2020
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By Augusta Malacarne

For twenty years, now, in less publicized locations a dozen high tech instruments have been actively restoring clients to vital health and dramatically strengthening their immune systems. And this healing is achieved effortlessly, in pleasant, comfortable surroundings, in complete privacy.

Energy Medicine is the scientific discovery that understands the human body is an energy system, emitting and receiving electrical and magnetic waves and oscillations. Any interruption in these frequencies can signal and produce a biochemical reaction which in turn can lead to physical pain or disabilities.

Years of scientific research in the U.S., Japan, Germany and Russia have discovered and proven the specific optimal frequency of every organ. The technologies emit sound, light and modulated electromagnetic fields which stimulate activity and harmony at the cellular level. These frequencies signal the body to begin the self-healing process at the most fundamental level. The result is stress reduction, pain relief and rehabilitation towards optimum health.  Clients have reported, even after a short series of treatments, deep relaxation, increased flexibility and large energy increases. All of this is achieved while lying or sitting comfortably, allowing light, sound and electromagnetic vibrations to interact naturally with the body’s nervous system.

Energy Medicine is the latest innovation on the path to effortless, efficient wellness.

While Allopathic medicine treats symptoms, Energy Medicine treats the ultimate cause of disorders at the cellular level. Energy Medicine assesses frequencies disharmonies in the physical body and treats those anomalies by the induction of frequencies that promotes the curative process. 

One of the devices found in the most advanced therapy spas is a sophisticated electromagnetic frequency biofeedback technology capable of locating frequency imbalance anywhere in the body: in the digestive track, the circulatory or nervous systems.

Another device provides a high level of oxygen inhalation while the client enjoys revitalization from infrared heat therapy. Celebrities are often the first to discover emerging technologies. Lady Gaga, for example has been open about her health challenges. She had stopped performing for years because of a hip injury due to rheumatoid arthritis. In 2017, she discovered Infrared Saunas, now her favorite pain relief method. The combination of Oxygen and infrared therapy provides the maximum support for absorption of nutrients while eliminating toxins. Combined with intravenous treatment of high dose vitamins, infrared with oxygen dramatically boosts the immune system  and supports absorption nutrient.

In this challenging time of viral infection concerns, this strengthening of the immune system is a priority.

A third Energy Medicine breakthrough technology consists of a sub sensory micro current therapy which utilizes binaural beats to bring the body to a state of complete relaxation. The program provides the perfect auditory and subliminal frequencies to stimulate the valgus nerve. This signals the brain to produce Gaba, a substance that reduces anxiety. Since healing can only occur when the body reached the parasympathetic state of relaxation, the results are often dramatic, ranging from immediate relaxation to improved sleep and overall reduction of anxious states. This type of treatment has shown results for sufferers of PTSD, opioid and drug addiction and ADD related conditions. The WTA is recommending the use of this technology to their top players for rehabilitation.

Another technology combines various frequencies: cold laser, magnetism, LED lights and low ultrasonic therapy. The result is stimulation at the cellular level to reduce inflammation and pain, increase lymph drainage and increase vitality.       

Recent technological advances make these devices compact and portable, perfect for travel or increasing a person’s self-sufficiency in the home. Hundreds of protocols can address the specific needs of the user.

For additional information on Energy Medicine technologies for treatment or purchase:  

Augusta Malacarne, Coordinator of Energy Medicine

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