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These eBooks are gatherings of facts, science, and practical advice that the Clements have handpicked over their combined hundred years in the field of natural health care.

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Fat - Eating Your Way to Health

Fight fat and obesity with the help of our eBook which looks at: weight, lifespan and resolutions; eating your way to health; affirmative movement for weight regulation; and the tools for success

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Fat Ebook

Diabetes - How Lifestyle and Diet Choices can Eradicate and Prevent this Disease

All you need to know about defeating diabetes, including eating the right food; the nutrients to arrest blood sugar; and the Hippocrates Diabetes-Free Lifestyle

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Diabetes Ebook

Heart's Lifestyle Nemesis - Heart Health

Everything you need for good heart health is here: heart-mind correction; how to love everything; the benefits of energy medicine; and preventing and reversing heart disease

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Heart Ebook