HIPAA Statement and Overview

Last Update: September 1, 2018

In 1996, Congress enacted and President Clinton signed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This law ensures continuity of healthcare coverage for individuals changing jobs; includes a provision that impacts on the management of health information; seeks to simplify the administration of health insurance; and aims to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in health insurance and health care. One purpose of HIPAA is to protect health information by establishing transaction standards for the exchange of health information, security standards, and privacy standards for the use and disclosure of individually identifiable health information. HIPAA applies to health plans, health care clearing houses and health care providers. The administrative simplification provision of HIPAA has three major requirements:

  • Protection for the privacy of Protected Health Information
  • Protection for the security of Protected Health Information
  • Standardization of electronic data interchange in healthcare transactions

Hippocrates Wellness and its subsidiaries comply with all Federal and State, HIPAA standards, regulations and laws.

Hippocrates Wellness and its products and subsidiary companies understand the importance of data integrity as well as the concerns of its customers, associates and strategic partners. That is why Hippocrates Wellness has made the HIPAA standards one of its top priorities with regard to the company's compliance policy.

Furthermore, Hippocrates Wellness continues to use the latest technological devices, products and services to ensure that all data transmitted in and out of our Networks, Internet, and Intranet are 100% 128 bit data encrypted and secure.

For detailed reference on HIPAA we have provided a direct link to the Government Web Site at: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa

For any questions or concerns about our HIPAA or security policies or practices, please contact:

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