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A Journey Towards Sustainable Living with Will and Madeline Tuttle 26 Feb 2024

In the most recent episode of Health, Happiness, and Healing we have an enlightening conversation with renowned health advocates, Will and Madeline Tuttle.

Unraveling the Connection between Humans & Nature featuring Will Tuttle 19 Feb 2024

We welcome celebrated figures in progressive healthcare, Dr. Will Tuttle and Madeline Tuttle.

From Healing to Peak Performance with Dr. Ed Brice 12 Feb 2024

Dr. Brice talks about his transition from the world of chiropractics to helping individuals tap into the amazing capacities of their minds to achieve higher performance.

Exploring Natural Dentistry with Dr. Huii 5 Feb 2024

Hosts Anna Maria and Brian Clement sit down with the esteemed Dr. Huii, a trailblazer in the field of dentistry and a staunch supporter of dental healthcare access for all.

The Influential Power of Sound Frequencies on our Health with Martha Prova 29 Jan 2024

We explore the transition from percussive sounds to the soothing vibrations of crystal sound bowls, and how these frequencies contribute to healing and relaxation.

Giles and the Power of the Respiratory System 22 Jan 2024

Giles, a professional exercise physiologist, shares captivating experiences of personal and spiritual growth at Hippocrates and how he helped a friend overcome serious kidney issues.

Spiritual and Physical Wellness Journey with Pastor Mercy Jones 15 Jan 2024

The remarkable journey of Pastor Mercy Jones. From her odyssey filled with adversity in Liberia to her influential position in the spiritual community, her story resonates with growth, vision, and transformation.

An Invigorating Discussion with Marcy Newman 8 Jan 2024

Marcy Newman, an energy healing expert and spiritual minister whose holistic approach fosters alignment with the unseen aspects of our being that deeply influence physical and mental health.

Renata Krumer's Inspring Battle Against Cancer 28 Dec 2023

Delight in a motivational survivor story told by none other than Renata Krumer, a brave woman who faced and defeated stage four cancer incredibly.

Boris Glickstein's Revolutionary Journey in Regenerative Medicine 18 Dec 2023

A stimulating discussion with Boris Glickstein, the CEO and founder of X-CREO where we explore the extraordinary advances in regenerative medicine.

A Journey towards Health and Wellness with Shane Sterling 10 Dec 2023

Brian and Anna Maria welcomes Shane Sterling, a lead advocate for raw plant-based diets and expert business coach, who brings forth over thirty-three years of lived experience into stirring and enlightening discussions.

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