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Revolutionizing Heart Health: Insights from Dr. Heather Shenkman 15 Jul 2024

This week, we delve into a conversation with the remarkable Dr. Heather Shenkman, a cardiologist with a unique perspective on heart health.

Healing with Nature: A Legacy of Cancer Reversal 8 Jul 2024

Discover how Sylvie has partnered with major medical institutions to validate and expand on her father's work, showing remarkable success in reversing and preventing various forms of cancer.

The Food Forest Revolution: Transforming Backyards and Lives 1 Jul 2024

Jennifer shares practical insights on creating edible landscapes, growing nutrient-rich foods, and the benefits of sustainable living.

The Power of Fasting: Transforming Health and Healing 24 Jun 2024

Discover the benefits of medically supervised water-only fasting and how it can help prevent and reverse chronic diseases, improve longevity, and enhance overall well-being.

Dr. Josh Hellman on Reversing Alzheimer's 17 Jun 2024

In this episode, they revisit last week's discussion with Dr. Josh Hellman about the intricate workings of the body and the groundbreaking discoveries in biochemistry, neurons, and the nervous system.

Transformative Wellness with Roxane 3 Jun 2024

This episode features a heartfelt conversation with Roxane, an engineer turned wellness advocate, who shares her transformative journey and how she has helped over 350 people discover holistic health.

Neil Jacobs and Dr. Jason from the TriHealth Clinic in Toronto 27 May 2024

This week, our hosts Anna Maria and Brian Clement welcome special guests Neil Jacobs and Dr. Jason Granzotto from the TriHealth Clinic in Toronto.

Revolutionary Discussion with the Founder of BrainTap 6 May 2024

Explore the benefits of this advanced technology in energy medicine that helps patients attain an optimal state for their bodies to heal.

Revealing Ayurveda's Ancient Wisdom for Health, Happiness and Healing 29 Apr 2024

This compelling episode, "Journey to Wholeness: An Ayurvedic Guide to Health, Happiness and Healing," shares expert insights from a fascinating conversation with Dr. Shivani Gupta, an esteemed Ayurvedic doctor.

Fighting Advanced Stage Cancer with Groundbreaking Treatment 22 Apr 2024

Dive into the captivating science behind Vertmira's procedure, which targets an ideal temperature range to disrupt or eliminate cancer cells while regular cells remain unperturbed.

A Conversation With Stacey Malkin 15 Apr 2024

This episode is a powerful symbol of the influence exerted by committed non-profit organizations and informed consumers in promoting change in large companies.

Plant-Based Diets and Athletic Performance featuring Anna Clausen 8 Apr 2024

In this compelling episode we welcome professional tennis player, Anna Clausen. Coming straight from the tennis courts of Germany, Anna shares her inspiring journey of health transformation.

Confronting the Pharmaceutical Industry with Dr. John Abramson 1 Apr 2024

Our guest, Dr. John Abramson, a highly-regarded family practitioner and former Harvard Medical School educator, uncovers the alarming facts concealed behind the benign facade of the medical industry.

An Unwavering Journey Towards Natural Healing with Sylvie Beljanski 25 Mar 2024

We welcome Sylvie Beljanski, an inspiring personality determined to propagate her father's ground-breaking research on plant-based medicinal treatments.

Harnessing Frequency for Wellness Enhancement 18 Mar 2024

Delve into the groundbreaking world of vibroacoustic healing in this engaging episode with Dr. Brannon!

Michael's Inspiring Journey of Resilience 11 Mar 2024

Coming from a turbulent past dominated by addiction, Michael's story of determination, resilience, and enduring commitment to overcome cancer and substance abuse is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Healing Journey of Dr. Rocco 4 Mar 2024

In this episode Dr. Rocco, once intimately familiar with various health complications, narrates his transformational journey from those days to his current advocacy for natural healing.

A Journey Towards Sustainable Living with Will and Madeline Tuttle 26 Feb 2024

In the most recent episode of Health, Happiness, and Healing we have an enlightening conversation with renowned health advocates, Will and Madeline Tuttle.

Unraveling the Connection between Humans & Nature featuring Will Tuttle 19 Feb 2024

We welcome celebrated figures in progressive healthcare, Dr. Will Tuttle and Madeline Tuttle.

From Healing to Peak Performance with Dr. Ed Bice 12 Feb 2024

Dr. Bice talks about his transition from the world of chiropractics to helping individuals tap into the amazing capacities of their minds to achieve higher performance.

Exploring Natural Dentistry with Dr. Huii 5 Feb 2024

Hosts Anna Maria and Brian Clement sit down with the esteemed Dr. Huii, a trailblazer in the field of dentistry and a staunch supporter of dental healthcare access for all.

The Influential Power of Sound Frequencies on our Health with Martha Prova 29 Jan 2024

We explore the transition from percussive sounds to the soothing vibrations of crystal sound bowls, and how these frequencies contribute to healing and relaxation.

Giles and the Power of the Respiratory System 22 Jan 2024

Giles, a professional exercise physiologist, shares captivating experiences of personal and spiritual growth at Hippocrates and how he helped a friend overcome serious kidney issues.

Spiritual and Physical Wellness Journey with Pastor Mercy Jones 15 Jan 2024

The remarkable journey of Pastor Mercy Jones. From her odyssey filled with adversity in Liberia to her influential position in the spiritual community, her story resonates with growth, vision, and transformation.

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