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If you want to stay abreast of what’s happening at Hippocrates and with important issues that affect our world, we invite you to stay in touch through our quarterly magazine - Healing Our World. Hippocrates Wellness’s quarterly magazine is full of stories and resources.

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Hippocrates Wellness is committed to educating the world to ensure a healthier future for both you and the planet.

Volume 44 - Issue 2

The Energy Medicine Issue: Ask the Experts - Community is Medicine - The Invisible Rainbow - Energy School

Volume 44 - Issue 1

The Recovery Issue: Ask the Expert - Your Recovery Stories - The Path to Self-Healing - Recovery is Real

Volume 43 - Issue 4

The Hope Issue: Ask the Expert - Hope Does a Body Good - Women Face Massive Challenges - Wellness Trends to Watch

Volume 43 - Issue 3

The Love Issue: Ask the Expert - We Belong to Love - No Time to Die - Choose to Live in Love

Volume 43 - Issue 2

The Care Issue: Ask the Expert - What's Love Got To Do With it? - Smile with Confidence - Caring from Deep within a Heart of Love

Volume 43 - Issue 1

The Fitness Issue: Ask the Expert - Your Stories - The Best Medicine - Whose Business Is It?

Volume 42 - Issue 4

Ask the Expert - There is no Planet B - The Sound of One Hand Healing - Community and Immunity

Volume 42 - Issue 3

The Regeneration Issue: What is Thermography? - Optimism - Resilience through Regeneration - The Meme is the Message

Volume 42 - Issue 2

The Mindfulness Issue: Mining Your Mind’s Magic - Global Wellness Trends - A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness - Shelter from the Storm

Volume 41 Issue 4

Gratitude: Glorius Gratitude - The Power of Belief - Personal Freedom - I Sing the Body Electric - Mindfulness - Fountain of Youth - A Profound Discovery

Volume 41 - Issue 3

Create freedom for yourself through smart lifestyle choices and take hold of a happy, healthy future.

Volume 41 - Issue 2

Renewal through the mind, body, and spirit approach to wellbeing.

Volume 41 - Issue 1

With an overall theme of Recovery 21, the latest edition covers topics including: A World Healing, Seven steps to slow the aging process, and Wellness Trends.

Volume 40 - Issue 3

The latest edition has an overall theme of ‘Immunity and Wellbeing’, and as ever covers a rich vein of topics, from black health matters to immunity; post-prandial endotoxemia to energy medicine.

Volume 40 - Issue 2

We want to share something very exciting - our new-look magazine, Healing our World, just one part of Hippocrates’ latest brand evolution. With the theme of Life, Longevity, and Vitality, the magazine covers a wealth of topics.

Volume 40 - Issue 1

In This Issue: Roads to Recovery - A special section highlighting 10 different stories from guests who have experienced true transformation from the programs offered at Hippocrates.

Volume 39 - Issue 4

Featured in this issue: THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE. Thoughtful work can help you find the inner you. Brian Clement explains that knowledge on a cellular level can become wisdom, which often can lead to greater awareness and enlightenment.

Volume 39 - Issue 3

Featured in this issue: A LIFE-CHANGING JOB. Ronn and Amanda Schuman were both medical professionals when Ronn received the phone call that took them to Hippocrates Institute and changed their lives in ways they never anticipated.

Volume 39 - Issue 2

Featured in this issue: THERE ARE NO LIMITS. Brian Clement, co-director of Hippocrates Wellness, talks about breaking through the barriers of perceived limitations and overcoming obstacles. Then and only then can we achieve our full potential.

Volume 39 - Issue 1

Featured in this issue: HEAL YOUR MIND. HEAL YOUR BODY. Though physical health is a most valued cornerstone to wellness, it cannot work alone. Brian shares his own history with coming to accept that “mind” and “matter” are a package deal.

Volume 38 - Issue 4

Featured in this issue: THE GIANTS WHOSE SHOULDERS WE STAND ON. Anna Maria gives us a holistic history lesson on eight healthcare greats who have shaped the current landscape of food as medicine.

Volume 38 - Issue 3

Featured in this issue: ELLE AND WELLNESS. Anna Maria caught up with Elle Macpherson during her most recent visit to Hippocrates to ask about her life as a model and promoter of holistic wellness.

Volume 38 - Issue 2

Featured in this issue: RECAPTURING INNER SPIRIT. Today’s rules-based approach to spirituality has numbed our innate sense of self. Brian Clement explains what we can do to rediscover the true depth of our human spirit.

Volume 38 - Issue 1

Featured in this issue: HEALED AND TRANSFORMED 2018. Every year we reach out to our alumni in search of inspiring testimonies of the Hippocrates Lifestyle creating wellness where there was illness.

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