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"Vegan diets may result in greater weight loss than more modest recommendations.”

Overweight adults (body mass index 25–49.9 kg/m2; age 18–65 y, 19% non-white, and 27% men) were randomized to a low-fat, low-glycemic index diet: vegan (n = 12), vegetarian (n = 13), pesco-vegetarian (n = 13), semi-vegetarian (n = 13), or omnivorous (n = 12). Fifty (79%) participants completed the study. In intention-to-treat analysis, the linear trend for weight loss across the five groups was significant at both 2 (P< 0.01) and 6 mo (P < 0.01). At 6 mo, the weight loss in the vegan group (−7.5% ± 4.5%) was significantly different from the omnivorous (−3.1% ± 3.6%; P = 0.03), semi-vegetarian (−3.2% ± 3.8%; P = 0.03), and pesco-vegetarian (−3.2% ± 3.4%; P = 0.03) groups. Vegan participants decreased their fat and saturated fat more than the pesco-vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, and omnivorous groups at both 2 and 6 mo (P < 0.05).

Comparative effectiveness of plant-based diets for weight loss: A randomized controlled trial of five different diets

Turner-McGrievy, Gabrielle M. et al. Nutrition , Volume 31 , Issue 2 , 350 – 358

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When I was 19 years old and newly married to my hubby, I sold everything to come to study at a school for Theology out of Colombia University in Miami. A few short months later everything changed with Hurricane Andrew, and not long after that was my first grand mal seizure.

Speed forward 22 years. My body was toxic from multiple seizure medications, and I was obese because my pancreas stopped working and my organs began shutting down. The two things I still had going for me were my immune system and love from my family. My skin was blackened, I was a grump and I lived on coffee to try to stay awake.

My family dropped me off at Hippocrates Wellness (HHI) in my PJs and said, “We’ll pick you up in 15 hours.” (I was a commuter.) Lost and dazed, I began the process of settling in, as did everyone else. That’s when a tall, bald man with a huge smile and all these vibrations bear hugged me and said, “You are going to blow everyone’s mind. I can see it.” That was Tony Z, my weight loss coach.

…Truly, I focused less on traditional weight loss, calorie counting and normal exercise and more on what “code” would it take for me to gain the energy for my body to heal. The weight dropped. I now continue to eat huge amounts of live green foods, little fats, grains and fruits. At HHI, I met the most intelligent, creative, educated, well-traveled conversationalists in my life. Talking with people, hearing their stories and finding encouragement and strength was the most exciting part of the program.
Tara Husband, Florida

The Program includes:

Fine Longevity Cuisine

Developed and validated through comprehensive, scientific, and experiential research to detoxify the body and encourage health.

Fitness Center

Work out alone or with a personal trainer. We also offer pilates, yoga, weight training, tai chi, and water aerobics classes.

Oasis Spa & Therapy Center

Treat yourself to massage, rejuvenating beauty services, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy in our beautiful spa.

Physical & Mental Health

Hippocrates doctors, nurses and psychotherapists consult with each guest to help them reach a state of optimum health.

Organic Salon

Our mission is to support the healthy transformation of body, mind and spirit by offering beauty services for hair, skin and nails.

40 Hours of Instruction

Learn about nutrition, food preparation, taking the program home, contemplation techniques and more with Brian and Anna Maria Clement and our staff.

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