General Detoxification Tonics (1)

16 Jul 2018
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The following will facilitate your detoxification process significantly:

Drink lemon water (juice of 1 lemon in 16 oz. of water) with a maximum of 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne upon waking to open the circulatory system and alkalize bodily fluids, thus increasing the rate of detoxification.

Fast one day per week, every week, while consuming freshly squeezed green drinks, distilled water, and herbal teas. These fasting days will facilitate the elimination of long-term toxins from your body before they cause any serious damage. This process is analogous to changing your motor oil before your engine fails due to the wear-and-tear caused by dirt in the oil.

Exercise daily (aerobic, resistance and stretching). Exercise and elimination have more in common than merely the fact that they begin with the letter “e.” Walking, dancing, swimming, rebounding and cycling are easy, pleasant and beneficial.

Dry skin brush for 3-5 minutes before every shower or bath to help remove dead skin and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Allow short-term, low-grade fevers to run their course. A fever is an indication that the body is working overtime to cleanse itself. This should be under the care of a physician.

Laugh and sing. Laughter and song help to release any less-than-happy memories and related emotions that might be trapped inside you.

Once you understand that temporary discomfort is the body’s only way to eliminate the accumulation of excess toxins, you will begin to appreciate and cheer your body’s efforts during those days when you don’t feel good. And, if you learn to support your body during these times of detoxification and elimination, you will eventually feel – and be – healthier and wiser.

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