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26 Sep 2019
Comra Therapy
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One of the biggest reasons I joined with Radiant Life Technologies over a decade ago was based on the aspect of helping people to help themselves. This new technology, coMra-Therapy, along with the device that would administer it, the Delta, were being created in order to have a practical tool to support the materialisation of helping people to help themselves. At the time, this was a phrase that was still new to me, yet it resonated with me at a very deep level. Over the years, and it is still a journey, I am learning what it is about this phrase and the practical application of it that hit me so deeply and got me to immediately jump on board together with my husband and friends, who invented the technology, in order to bring this technology to others.

One of the ways that I have learned to bring this resonance with the phrase and the practical tool into new knowledge and deeper understanding of what it means, has been through my own as well as others’ experiences. Each time I have a new case that I feel exemplifies what helping people to help themselves really means to me, I know it by the way it stirs impassioned communication from me. It reconnects me with why I am working with this technology and what the message is that I specifically want to bring to people.

Some of the experience I have has been around myself or someone else being in a situation where they either didn’t have easy access to a doctor or a medical facility or support overall for their health. Or, they just really didn’t want to go to a doctor, they wanted to stay in the comfort of their home and work with coMra-Therapy. There was an overarching theme in these cases of myself or others feeling safe. It took much of the stress of the situation or injury away knowing that they had a coMra device and could use it immediately and continue with it until they were back on track. The stress reduction alone makes so much difference to the efficiency of healing. It’s difficult to describe this particular way of feeling at peace to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

But it is a confidence that comes from experiencing what helping oneself means. I’ll use an example to impart the feeling more fully.

Let’s take the example of the recent Hurricane Dorian. Say you live in the area and you are having to stay in your home. You may also have your family and possibly pets to look after. You are quite possibly in a high state of stress about what could happen to both you, your family, and your home. If you have a serious health condition, this could increase your worry about getting help if you need it. What support do you have? The access you had to high quality food, wellness treatments, supportive practitioners, is all on hold.

coMra can address this situation in a few ways:



  • Just the fact that you have the device on hand will reduce your fear and stress substantially. You can address anything from acute injuries to chronic, degenerative maladies. It is battery operated so if the power goes out you can still operate it. You can even buy extra batteries to ensure you have enough to power a Delta device for awhile if the hurricane caused damage. Plus, it is very portable and compact if you happen to get evacuated from your home.



  • coMra can be used anywhere on the body for a local treatment, or you can do what we call Universal treatments that address the body as a whole. There is so much connection and communication going on throughout the body so this whole body approach will always support a local issue. With this, a person can treat only their adrenals in order to support them to recover from the stress, or they can do the Universal 5 Treatment that supports not only the adrenals but also the nerves and the brain and the body as a whole.



  • If you are dealing with a more serious health challenge, coMra-Therapy can keep your body’s striving for balance and its repair and regeneration capabilities in a much higher state of efficiency. When the body is ill at ease and it’s not receiving the required support, it doesn’t have enough resources or energy required to manage all of this. As a result, one’s health can diminish further or symptoms will continue to cause distress.



As I shared above, it is difficult to describe this particular way of feeling at peace that one can experience when they have the support of something that is designed for them to help themself. It shifts the focus from saying I need someone else to fix me or to help me, to I can do this. This does not mean that we are not meant to have connection and the support of others, but this is not always available to us nor is it meant to become a dependence. With helping oneself, a confidence develops that comes from experiencing this.

Avril Murrin September 7, 2019

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