Testimonial- Mayra Morrison Hippocrates Online Program

15 Sep 2022
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Testimonial- Mayra Morrison 

Hippocrates Online Program 

Why you took the online program?

They say, “you are what you eat,”...well now I have learned that you are what you absorb.

I took the Hippocrates online program because I love to learn and I am passionate about striving for a healthier lifestyle. Also, it was very clear to me that nowadays the world’s nutrition system is outdated and completely incoherent, and this left me with a feeling of hopelessness. I felt I needed a better method that could help me establish some nutritional truth in my diet.

I had tested a large variety of diet modalities, from keto to powdered smoothie drinks, and none of them really made sense to me - they also didn’t feel very effective for the elevated lifestyle I wished to achieve. I had visited the Hippocrates Center a few times for lunch, and also attended the campus for several events - I even played around with growing sprouts several times. Finally, in January 2020, I was on the Hippocrates site one day and the Hippocrates online program showed up; I did not have to think twice. I immediately felt a connection towards the program, and I have had a love relationship with this lifestyle ever since.

I am a very curious person and I had been trying to find a nutrition style that made sense and aligned with my beliefs. Truthfully, I feel the current nutrition system that is sold to us is outdated, senseless, and leaving everybody sick as a result. I had been a vegetarian for a long time and was always looking for a way to eat healthier, especially because I came to learn that more than 75% of the food being sold is not really providing us the proper nourishment! The Hippocrates program offered me the foundation to begin a truly elevated switch in almost all areas of my life.

In addition, I am a certified master gardener. Whenever I try to grow crops in Florida it’s a rather complicated and time consuming process but with what I have learned in this program I can currently grow up to 20 plus crops. I have incorporated a sprout-growing room into my home and everyday I can feel the effects of the Hippocrates course when I make my home-grown sprout juice for my family. .

  How the Hippocrates Lifestyle and this program have impacted your life.

  -Mentally: There is more clarity and connection to my purpose in my life now that I have completed this program. I am definitely a wiser person. There is a calling for me to go inwards and create inner fortitude as well as to connect to my purpose and be proactive. I feel now more than ever that we must work on the purification of mind and thoughts at all times. People no longer have space for silence in their minds due to life’s distractions. The practice of meditation and contemplative living helps ease constant chatter in one’s brain.

  -Physically: I have recovered most of my vital energy. Around 2015, my body experienced a full energy burnout and I found myself in a survival mode;it was a scary moment. I tried to research what I could be experiencing. I read about many people with chronic fatigue syndrome, or adrenal fatigue, and they had been feeling my burnout symptoms for years. Seeing those stories was one of the biggest motivators for me and I was challenged but determined to get out of that state. While I always believed that I was going to get myself out of there, I never thought I could gain back my old energetic self plus more at this age - I am now fifty. Our physical body works like an engine, it might have the right parts and fluids, but only when it is turned on can it perform. That is how I see movement and exercise for us humans. I now understand the importance of moving and exercising - I can’t live without it. When my muscles hurt I understand how every cell in my body is working and I feel alive. Similarly, this course has also taught me the importance of a variety of exercises. Within our physical body there are many layers and all have to be moved, drained or stretched.

  -Emotionally: I have understood and learned how our emotional body plays a gigantic role in the diseases we develop and how they impact our personal growth. The role of our emotions are to be great indicators at pointing us towards areas that need to be released. Sitting still and observing our emotions help us understand that they manifest as sensations in our body. We have been taught to numb those sensations by eating or drinking. This is a key factor on why we as species have stunned our evolution. There is a large attachment to consuming food as an emotional support hence numbing us to create emotional tolerance. Understanding the ONE concept and moving towards a larger energy flow helped me learn that the more we master our connection with food the bigger the emotional growth.

  -Spiritually: There is no doubt I have experienced an elevation in consciousness as I have applied this lifestyle. The biggest masters, Jesus, Buddha, and Ghandi used to starve themselves as a means to obtain higher consciousness. I believe that controlling how we eat, and not using food as emotional support helps us grow spiritually. The cleaner I eat the more I can feel the light in my body.

The Yoga of Nutrition is a book that parallels 100% my beliefs and I believe it is part of the work that needs to be done to sustain this lifestyle. Spirituality is extremely important to me. It is linked to the sacredness of our planet and our universe, our energetic system, and the role we play between the earth and the sun. This lifestyle has helped me connect even stronger with all the elements and our purpose. Understanding and believing that we have the power to send information to a glass of water that will later have an impact on our cells is a very powerful tool. I believe our purpose is to be connectors of the earth and the universe but for that to happen we must be ALIVE. This program helped me understand and reach the alive state that humanity these days.

  -Your family: Luckily everybody in my immediate home is on board with being plant based and we all share a strive for a healthy lifestyle. We have all influenced each other in really positive ways. My daughters use the infrared sauna, take raw living spirulina, drink the green juice, eat sprouts and help me grow them, and listen to me when it comes to making healthy choices. We have all tried to incorporate as many modalities as possible. I feel blessed and grateful that we have all been impacted in such a positive way and I really believe I am giving my daughters a head start in life.

  What beliefs have shifted or changed since beginning the Program

  How your beliefs related to food have changed.

  • I now understand that as human beings, we are ENERGY.

  • Food should not be looked at as recreational or emotional, it is about nourishment and energy. Emotional eating is counterproductive and a very negative habit.

  • The sun is the giver of life. We are solar cells, creating and connecting with the cycle of the sun will optimize our existence. Sea algae and blue-green algae are full of solar nourishment.

  • Drinking water is vital for our bodies to function properly. Water is an incredible element that holds emotions. Mastering water as a healing tool is accessible to all.

  • Exercising and daily movement is imperative for our bodies, it is as if we TURN ON the engine.

  • Raw food is alive and full of energy-cooking destroys the food’s nutrients.

  • Eating food that is alive and healthy keeps us alive too.

  • Sprouts are full of energy and can help fight diseases.

  • We are living in a toxic world and must create awareness to help our body, mind and soul stay healthy and clean.

If you do not look after your health what the likely risks and costs are to your health.

By leading an unhealthy lifestyle, what are the consequences and impact: -How this impacts those around you. -How this impacts the healthcare system. -What is the financial Cost to you and others

  Unfortunately this is the current state of our health system in the United States: everybody is sick and dependent on medicine. The more I have adapted this diet the less money I have spent on food and any sort of medicine/ medical treatments. As positively well as I feel happier ad healthier impacting positively those around me.

What steps you have taken to incorporate the Hippocrates Lifestyle into your life.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle has been a complete love affair for me. I started the program two years ago, January of 2020, and I have slowly introduced many of the aspects of this lifestyle into my routine. I plan to keep tweaking them and incorporate more Hippocrates wisdom into my life. I embrace and honor each one of the aspects that have led to such positive changes for me.

My morning routine starts off with lemon water. Lemon water is one of the most important habits any person can incorporate in their life - not only are we hydrating, but also helping the body alkalinize. I wait 15 minutes and I drink 4 oz of freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice. I continue by making the HHI green juice around 9-10 AM which I drink with a spoon full of raw, living Spirulina. I enjoy my morning routine:it comes effortlessly at this point. This schedule makes me feel like I have added a great amount of hydration and nutrition to my body:the green juice is a chlorophyll blood transfusion that is having a large impact on my immune system.

I consider myself privileged because I currently live in West Palm Beach, Florida and have the Hippocrates Institute and Got Sprouts  just around the corner. Also, West Palm Beach has become an amazing hub of healthy eating places and juice bars.

Another great factor that has been instrumental to me is that I am a certified master grower and gardening is one of my passions. My passion for planting led me to transform my guest room into a sprout growing room. I can grow as many as 20 different crops at once and the process is simple and very quick. This provides me with autonomy of growing my own salad and being able to incorporate the sprouts and micro-greens in as many recipes as I want, as well as having enough sprouts for my juicing needs.

I bought an infrared full spectrum sauna and am tweaking how many times a week I need to use it. I started doing it everyday but after two weeks it weakened me, so I stopped and have now resumed trying it 3 times a week. This modality works great for me because my body does not sweat at all while I do exercise or move. I enjoy the heat and the quiet time I spend there, and it comes with light therapy. A body massage is great but after trying the infrared sauna I can safely say there is nothing that will relax the muscle or any tension in the body like this modality.

I have changed the whole family to a biological dentist. I am also seeing a functional medicine doctor that has worked with Hippocrates so she understands my diets as well as only uses supplements that are plant based. My children also have implemented little aspects of this lifestyle into their own diets and practices.

I was already a vegan / vegetarian when I started this lifestyle but now I do not drink and I enjoy vegetables and salads more than other food - I specifically enjoy the way they make me feel.

I now exercise 5 times a week at a gym and recently got a puppy so that I can make sure to move every day. Exercise has become a gigantic part of my life and I have not felt or looked better. I am only 3 years into this lifestyle and the impact that I have noticed is incredible.

Share a success you have had from living on a living foods diet.

I have achieved an ideal body weight. I no longer have to be worried about gaining or losing weight. I know that if I follow even a 50% of my daily habits I am at an optimal place with my physical and emotional health. I also feel more balanced and more energetic. I rarely have brain fog anymore. I am 50 years old and now feel as good as when I was 20.

I transformed one of our bedrooms into a full operational growing room. I can provide myself and my family with a daily green juice and salad. I can grow up to 20 different plants in a short amount of time, and gift the leftovers to friends or family.

My daughter Olivia, who is 17, drinks a green juice every morning for breakfast with a spoonful of raw living spirulina. She has also achieved an optimal weight as well as reduced her consumption of processed food, and controlled her sugar cravings.

Steps necessary to improve your contribution to the health of the planet.

There is always room for improvement. Many years ago I decided to work hard on the purpose of creating the most harmonious relationship with the planet. I have slowly transformed my home into a sustainable living example, using native plants in the garden to help the pollinators, the environment and water consumption. I have curated an absolutely pesticide-free environment - that includes detergents, cleaning products, gardening products, toiletries, and more. I collect rainwater and have compost bins to create my own soil. I am impeccable with my recycling practices, everything gets donated or placed in jars for reuse. I do not use plastic bags and I stay aways from plastic as much as possible. I minimize electric consumption by using all appliances in the express settings. I try to reuse, recycle, or donate everything properly. I have been trying to buy as much as I can from the local green markets. I pay attention to how things come packaged and that determines if I buy it or not.

I work really hard to teach my children, and others. I had a non-profit organization that was educating on best sustainable living practices a few years ago. There is much that needs to be done but I am always amazed at how generous the earth is with us. I believe that one of the great works that is ahead is to try to educate and create awareness on this matter.

How you can be more authentic and honest in your Communication.

As we get to know ourselves deeply and confront our shadow and light, we can become closer to our TRUTH. We must speak in a connected manner with love and kindness. We must express our truth, set boundaries, and speak out.

  What practices make the biggest difference (impact) for you to live your best life.

  1. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day - if this does not happen I do not function well.

  2. Staying present in the Now

  3. Eating Healthy / Proper Hydration

  4. Spending Time in Nature, Exercising, Meditating, Yoga

  5. Being Creative, Proactive about my Life’s Purpose

  6. Socializing with Family & Friends

Share to what degree you are currently exercising daily.

Exercise has become a very important part of my life. Before I started the program I was doing only 2-3 times a week of resistance training. Now I am exercising 5 times a week. I am a member of Club Pilates, this type incorporates a few different pilates modalities at once - resistance, stretching, cardio and yoga. Exercising like this has made me feel incredible. I now have the awareness of the different modalities of exercising so I am conscious that I need to incorporate them all and also not abuse any of them.

I just rescued a puppy that is a very active breed. Since getting her, my step count has increased almost to 8,000 a day. I love to be outdoors. I live in Florida so there is no better place and I just purchased kayaks. I have to say I have felt incredible and all the exercise has really boosted my self esteem and made me more energetic. I have a full understanding that exercise is what turns the motor on and makes it all move and blend. I do not feel good anymore if I am not exercising. It has become a daily need for me.

If you positively affect 1,000 people and they positively affect 1,000 people you will have positively affected one million people as a mentor of the Hippocrates Lifestyle. Share your plans as a mentor to make this happen.

The way this question was worded made a huge impact on me. It set a tone and a realistic goal that has inspired me to produce and pursue my vision and my goals. I am a graphic designer and social media is one of my strongest fields, as well as the strongest communication channel currently. I am going to create an educational platform. It is already in the makings and my goal is to launch Fall 2022. I already have the name, the look and platform, and my first goal is to reach 1,000 followers. Once I do that I will probably start to offer mentorship one on one.

What value has the online program provided for you?

This course has had a significant impact on my life. I believe there is a before and after for me. Every aspect of myself as an individual and how I conduct myself has been impacted. I think that I was also the perfect target audience I am a master grower, I am plant-based and I am trying to be as impeccable with my sustainable habits as possible. This course reinforced everything that I believe. The most important value is that now I can become a mentor on this subject with my certificate.

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