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Book Your 1-week Vitality Stay

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Booking your 1-week vitality experience directly is perfect for those who:

  • Are new to Hippocrates Wellness
  • Are looking to reset, revitalize, and regenerate

If you've stayed with us before or would like to target a specific wellness goal, please book a call with one of our team experts, who will be happy to help!

* Important *

To view availability and book your 1-week Vitality Program, please select any Sunday for arrival followed by the subsequent Saturday for departure.

Discover the 7-day vital path to health and wellbeing with our world-leading team of wellness experts and state-of-the-art facilities on our 55-acre tropical retreat in West Palm Beach, Florida. During your all-inclusive Vitality Program experience, you can reinvigorate your overall health and wellbeing with our detoxifying saunas, chlorine-free pools, luxurious Eco Accommodations, and industry-leading facilities.

You will have exclusive access to scientifically-supported and highly personalized programs, one-to-one consultations, comprehensive testing, health data analysis, advanced doctors and certified therapists, revolutionary personalized protocols and lectures, organic enzyme-rich, plant-based cuisine, and cutting-edge technology.

Embrace vital balance and wellbeing with the ultimate 1-week Vitality Program specially designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

If you'd like to view our program brochure you can download it here.