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1 Jun 2012
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The primary aim of the body\'s response to heat is to protect the nervous system and the vital organs from overheating. The heart rate and blood pressure rise mildly for a brief period in order to shunt the warming blood outwards, away from the vital organs of the \"core\". The peripheral blood vessels then dilate to accommodate the sudden increase in load.

This mild surge in blood flow facilitates waste removal from tissues and improves the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells.

Through tissue dilation, increased blood flow, and elevated tissue temperatures, some fat-stored toxins are mobilized during the sauna session and flushed from the adipose tissues. Much of this material is then excreted through the skin, although some is eliminated through the kidneys and bowels.

The surge in blood flow is accompanied by heightened metabolism. Although we are relaxed in the sauna, we still receive many of the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of fairly vigorous exercise.

Additionally, the mild hyperthermic effects of any sauna can be lethal to some bacteria and viruses, thereby benefiting the immune system. We have heard encouraging reports of Lyme disease patients responding well in saunas.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said: \"Give me a fever and I will cure any illness.\" For centuries, various cultures around the globe have used one form or another of sauna detoxification as a means of physical cleansing, spiritual purification, and renewal.

When the Hippocrates Wellness searched for the ideal sauna for their clientele, they discovered the unique, chemically-safe saunas built by Heavenly Heat. These saunas feature both traditional Finnish heating, along with several ceramic far-infrared (FIR) heaters.

Heavenly Heat creates the ideal sauna detox environment by building them entirely with low-allergen white poplar wood and by constructing each sauna without the use of plywood, laminates, or wood glue-all of which can outgas into, and contaminate, the air of a sauna.

Much is made these days of the health benefits of far-infrared saunas. The truth is that FTR can enhance and accelerate the sauna detox process. On the other hand, any sauna, used properly, can be a effective detoxifier.

Traditional saunas can be used clinically if they are kept dry, and the temperature is limited to the 120F160F range. Beginners start in the lower half of that span. When far-infrared heating is added to a regular sauna, it can be used effectively as a lower temperature FIR sauna, or as a conventional sauna, as the user prefers.


1. Please keep an eye out for the author\'s upcoming book, due in 2008: \"Breaking Through The Hype, The Reality of FIR Saunas\"

2. When saunas are used clinically, or to treat specific ailments, a full regime is implemented that includes patient monitoring, along with supplementation of fluids, electrolyte minerals, and particular vegetable oils, etc. One should not use a sauna for any medical purpose without appropriate guidance by a physician.

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