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22 Feb 2019
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Many doctors today are turning to Integrative Medicine, seeing the immense value that complementary care can offer their patients in addition to their traditional treatments.

Doctor Days 3-Day Immersion Experience at Hippocrates Wellness is an avenue to provide a new platform to understand all the wonderful things Hippocrates has to offer.  We are offering through this program a new phase in the field of healthcare, one which merges a multi-disciplinary approach to bridge the terrain of traditionally trained medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals, introducing them to complementary ways of healing and disease reversal.

Every single Doctors Days we strive to bring the most practical yet advanced information to the Professionals Program called Hippocrates Doctor Days. We are always inspired by both the caliber of professionals coming along with there inherent interest to support their patients, clients and even families to learn about the Hippocrates Lifestyle and work together!

Caroline Bryan, Doctor Days Founder

Here are some comments from the last 3 day Immersion and answer to this question, What do you think you will take back to your practice that has been learned?

"I’ll bring back the knowledge that there is a place where my committed patient can come to really transform and create change to their Lifestyle that will allow them further to heal.”  Doctor AI

And, What where some of your own personal “WINS” from the experience?

"I have more clarity of what I am doing and a stronger drive to pursue my purpose and passion and now feel like I can more so help my patients and community, thank you Hippocrates for this Immersion.” Doctor RH


April 29, 30 and May 1st 2020.


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