Hippocrates Wellness Announces its New Department of Energy Medicine.

26 Apr 2019
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The Hippocrates Wellness, through its worldwide network, has collaborated with scientific engineers and medical experts to offer innovative devices that assist the body energetically in stimulating the immune system.   This promotes mitochondrial balance to decrease inflammation.  In countries like Germany, Russia, and Israel, energy medicine devices have been used to promote and assist the body to bring about an anti-inflammatory, healing state.

Hippocrates Wellness has expanded its Department of Energy Medicine on its West Palm Beach campus to include energy medicine therapies that utilize low-beam lasers, magnets, pulsatile bioelectrical fields, and biofeedback machines, among other modalities.  These technologies assist in identifying the contributors of disease, as well as bring the body back into a state of health. This type of therapeutic treatment is a non-invasive means of teaching the body to remember how cellular healing can occur without complications.

Robert Willix, MD, is the new Director of Energy Medicine at Hippocrates Wellness and he is a former cardio vascular surgeon who has been a premier leader in the field of Integrative and Preventative Medicine. He was instrumental in developing a model named “The Apollo Factor” that explains how energy works to assist the body in healing, which was initiated in 1998.

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