Instinct Probiotics

26 Aug 2015
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Instinct Probiotics

We have a new line of probiotics in our Hippocrates Store.  They are called Instinct and come in 4 different units of activity 50 Billion, 80 Billion, 200 Billion, and 50 Billion Vaginal for Women.

The Instinct probiotic is a new LifeGive product that has been formulated exclusively for Hippocrates.  What makes this probiotic stand out in a very crowded field of probiotics is the proprietary ingredient of AstraBiotic.  Instinct (with AstraBiotic) was developed in 2014, and is the only probiotic that addresses both the digestion and the absorption functions of probiotics.

Instinct has a 90-96% rate of protein breakdown because it works all the way through the digestive track, and not just in the stomach and small intestine.  Naturally derived non-animal enzymes have a much wider range of PH adaptability, allowing it to work in in different organs that have different PH levels.   Proteins that you have digested (either through food or supplements) cannot be utilized by the body unless they are broken down into smaller peptides or amino acids, and in fact can be harmful if not digested.

Because so much of the protein is being broken down, the absorption rate into the intestinal walls increased by 40%.  The intestinal walls are where the most nutrients are absorbed into your body, and the Instinct probiotic not only increases that absorption rate, it also helps to repair the intestinal wall, which leads to an improved absorption rate once again.

The Instinct Probiotics are 100% vegan, non GMO, plant based enzymatic probiotics and are available for purchase and shipping to anywhere in the world.


Instinct 50 Billion: Broad spectrum probiotic formulated to bring balance to both the small and large intestines.  Made for those suffering from minor digestive tract issues such as constipation, gas, bloating and general discomfort. (30 caps: 44.95)

Instinct Critical Colon 80 Billion: Created to support the large intestine as it has much higher levels of bacterial strains.  This ensures regularity and relief from occasional irritable bowel, and works quickly and effectively.  (30 caps: 60.95)

Instinet Super Critical 200 Billion: Specifically developed for use after taking antibiotics.  Restores and brings balance back to the entire lower digestive tract including both the small and large intestines. (14 powder servings: 34.95)

Instinct Vaginal Balance 50 Billion: Designed to support the urinary and vaginal tract of women. The bacterial strains in this product mirrors the balance of probiotics found in those areas naturally.  Special acid resistant capsules are utilized so that the probiotics are guaranteed to make it through the acidic environment of the stomach.  (30 caps: 44.95)

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