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4 Jan 2019
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When I was in second grade, I was diagnosed with Salmonella food poisoning and hospitalized for a week.  I clearly remember being held down to get an IV.  My first health awakening occurred when I was eight years old. I found out that I had high cholesterol.  At the time, I learned to read the ingredients on packages of chips to make sure there was no trans-fat.  My cholesterol returned to normal.  However, my “healthy eating” stopped there.  When I was in high school, my dad was taking a medication that raised his liver enzymes.  I searched the Internet and learned that milk thistle can lower liver enzymes (which it did).  Heart disease and strokes run in my family, so I thought it was inevitable that I would eventually get the same.  As far as I can remember, I had eczema, skin rashes, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Before getting married (14 years ago at age 25) I traveled to Eastern Europe. Upon my return, I had strep throat, bronchitis and a sinus infection.  I was taking steroids and antibiotics as it was hard to swallow.   Shortly after I completed the dose of antibiotics, I began to have severe and paralyzing stomach pains with terrible bowel movements.  I lost over 18 pounds in a month.  It turns out that I was diagnosed with Salmonella again, Giardia and Shigella parasites all at the same time.  Externally, I looked okay, but I felt tired and lethargic.

After treating the parasites (which didn’t completely work), I decided that I needed to take care of a health issue that I had since I was a teenager.  The issue was high blood pressure.  I thought I was eating correctly (lots of meat and protein) and I was exercising on a regular basis.  I was put on Tritace (Ramipril) to lower the pressure.  I quickly noticed that my blood pressure would go up and down like a rollercoaster.  I often had to sit down because I felt as if I would pass out.  During this time, I had various tests on my heart and renal arteries (in my kidneys) to determine the source of my high BP.  On a return trip to my doctor, he informed me there’s no physical root they see why the BP is so high.  He checked my pulse and saw it was high and recommended a second medication to lower my heart rate.  This was crazy as I never had a fast pulse.

I immediately told him to take me off the BP medicine if they don’t know the reason why it’s high (logically I didn’t want to cover up the symptoms without knowing the source).  He raised his voice and yelled at me.  He told me that if I don’t stay on the BP medicine, I will die before seeing my grandchildren!!!  I immediately left (never to return), and slowly tapered off the medication.

I decided that if the western medical system can’t find the root of my problem, I will do it alone.  It was at that moment that I had my second awakening regarding health.  I started reading many books and e-books.  I also spent hundreds of hours reading websites, watching videos, etc.  Like most things on the Internet, there’s tons of misinformation everywhere (not based on science).  It was at this time I first heard about Hippocrates through a friend.

I tried many different diets over the years to see the effects.  This includes Paleo, the Blood Type Diet, Raw Veganism, Vegetarianism, etc.   I randomly came across a book about health on Amazon and read the reviews.  The first review stated that cutting out grains corrected their high blood pressure.  I was tested for celiac (it was negative), but I decided to try it.  Very quickly, my BP dropped to the normal zone and my skin rashes slowly started going away (I had terrible eczema in a few places on my body).

Fast forward 14 years.  I have been learning non-stop this entire time about Lifestyle Medicine.  I successfully addressed the emotional issues affecting my body and completed a full parasite cleanse / round of colonics.  I successfully passed many parasites which began improving my sleep and well-being.  As my consciousness and self-awareness improved, I began naturally moving closer to the information and lifestyle I was seeking.

Did you know that the average medical school in the US teaches 1 to 4 hours of diet and nutrition over 4 years!!!!   Most doctors are not interested in preventing disease, only reducing the current symptoms (when’s the last time a doctor asked you what you had for breakfast or how you’re dealing with stress)?  Five months ago, I signed up for the Lifestyle Medicine Coach program at Hippocrates Wellness and the changes in my life are amazing (including losing 20 pounds, ridding my body of eczema, and having more energy).  Prior to beginning the program, I didn’t understand the science behind the diet or grasp the nuances and reasons for living this way.  I can tell you first hand that every positive small change makes huge differences in how a person feels.  I have since cut out the only remaining animal product in my life (fish).

It has been my goal for 14 years to eventually coach and teach others how to take back control over their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.  In a few months, I will begin coaching people how to slow down aging, feel better than ever, and reverse disease / prevent future disease (all based on the latest science from Hippocrates).

This is my passion.  The course seemed expensive at first, but I now understand how much effort, time, and love Hippocrates placed into making this course.  I highly recommend it to anyone who truly wants to understand how Hippocrates has assisted countless people in drumming up the inner strength and awareness to conquer any and all diseases of the body and mind.  If you choose to accept responsibility for everything in your life, there is no sea too large to cross, and no mountain too high to climb.

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