Meet Meat: A Killer

30 May 2012
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Diet for a New America, by John Robbins (of Baskin-Robbins fame), and its sequels were brilliantly researched and unquestionably documented. His work effectively informs and surprises even the most inquisitive minds. Robbins forged a new dimension in the meat debate when he revealed the catastrophic environmental effects the industry has on the global environment. He states that meat cultivation is the single biggest contributor to the devastation of our natural resources. The erosion of our topsoil, the poisoning and depletion of our water systems, and air pollution largely created by flatulence from farm animals along with the vapors emitted by the decomposition of carcasses contribute to furthering septic planetary conditions.

Although not a pinnacle of interest to most, these poor animals are terribly mistreated and housed in inhumane, unnatural environments. They are force-fed parts of their own kind to fatten them and injected with steroids, hormones and antibiotics to keep their weakened bodies alive until slaughter.   This alone would prevent any compassionate, thinking person from ingesting the decaying flesh of these helpless creatures. Knowing that most people have blocked this from their minds, the most relevant reason not to consume meat is the fact that it presents unbearable health consequences to all consumers. This false food contributes deadly bacteria, viruses, parasites, amoebas and spirochete, even after cooking. These are the least problematic assets of meat. The animal fat/cholesterol is directly linked with every major disease known to man: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. All are partly or greatly manifested from this inedible “food.”

In a stunning exposé, the DVD Eating scientifically establishes that the diseases plaguing mankind are inadvertently animals’ revenge. We eventually reap what we sow and the consequence of the misery and ill health we bring upon these creatures finally allows them their day in court. This documentary confirms that more people die from overeating than from starvation; eating is the largest cause for disease, disabilities and death and kills two out of three North Americans and Europeans. An animal-based diet is the number-one killer of its consumers. We are, sadly, seeing heart disease in schoolchildren, along with a shocking rise in diabetes. Brain cancer is the number-two killer of children, superseded only by accidents. Among adults, 85 percent have hardening of the arteries due to animal food consumption and 40 percent will endure a life-threatening cancer. In North America, half of those 55 years of age and younger will contract some sort of cancer and all of these alarming statistics are rising exponentially. Cholesterol is the major factor in these and other diseases, even those that are not heart-related. Cholesterol is a substance that is only in and received from animal products. Plant-based foods contain no cholesterol. We human creatures also manufacture our own cholesterol for healthy body function and are never in need of consuming it from any outside source. The producer of this work points out that, globally, cholesterol has contributed to more deaths than all the wars of the 20th century, natural disasters and car accidents combined! Prior to the mid-1900’s, most people did not eat meat daily or even weekly, many not at all. It was the diet of the wealthy and it was the wealthy who acquired all the “exotic” illnesses. In the 1800’s, people did not often die from diet-related diseases. In the early 20th century, heart disease was not prevalent nor was it included in medical textbooks. Cancers, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases were so rare that it was only the elite who suffered from them. Tragically, as meat-based diets became affordable due to government subsidies and shrewd advertising, these diseases crept into the population and now have stunted humanity’s future. With the increased consumption of animal products came an unnatural decline in proper vegetable and fruit consumption. Over the last century, factory farms have virtually eradicated small family farms, causing meat production and distribution to boom. As it has boomed, our disease rates have exploded. Most believe that humans are carnivores and have always been so. This defies a present-day statistic that 60 percent of the world’s population is vegetarian. Our ancestors ate more than 800 varieties of fruits and vegetables. We can eat an abundance of vegetarian foods with life-enhancing benefits, but it takes only a small amount of animal-product consumption to be injurious and even fatal.

The most definitive study on human nutrition ever conducted was researched by the eminent Dr. T. Colin Campbell. His indisputable work was published in 1990 as unchallenged science. The general public is fortunate that this body of evidence was distilled into an easily readable volume, The China Study. As professor emeritus, Cornell University, Dr. Campbell’s renown gave him the opportunity of gathering an international team to conduct this decades-long exploration. Together with Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, they forged an understanding of diet that both surprised them and confirmed that vegan diets are unquestionably the choice for humans. This diligent work very thoroughly and effectively addresses the protein “myth.” The China Study explains that there has been a 100-year confusion that has set the stage for the current and common belief that meat is the best and only source of protein, when in reality it is not an appropriate or digestible food and has devastating effects on our health. We should abstain from it – completely. Comprehensive graphs correlate the consumption of meat with the rise in obesity, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, bone, kidney, eye and brain degeneration and, of course, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The negative impact of animal foods on the human condition is overwhelming, but it goes even deeper than diseases and environmental destruction. The steroids and growth hormones that have been injected into these animals greatly affect the sexual maturity of our youth. Children today are experiencing early-onset puberty and a wide array of anatomical changes prior to emotional maturity. A 1997 landmark study of 17,000 girls in the U.S. was reported in Pediatrics. Alarmingly, the findings were that one percent of Caucasian and three percent of African-American girls begin developing breasts and/or pubic hair by age three. By age eight, roughly half of African-American girls and 15 percent of Caucasian girls show clear signs of sexual development. The same trend was found with boys, although data is sparse since early sexual maturation is more difficult to track with males. This premature development fuels sexual promiscuity and violence among children. The central cause of this is, of course, a lack of secure parenting. All of this unfathomable reality is directly caused by following misguided dietary advice from mainstream proponents. The chemicals injected into animals are ultimately consumed by humans and propel such enigmas as menstruation at critically young ages, puberty and hair growth in boys and girls with breast and penal development far before it is expected, and even breast cancers and prostate disease in many teenagers. In our adult population, 50 percent of 40-year old men cannot perform sexually and the median age for menopause has dropped by 10 years in the last 30 years. Additionally, one-third of couples are unable to conceive children. Eating meat products does not enhance our sexuality, but, in fact, causes a vast number of negative sexual side effects. It is common for women and men who live a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle to be prolific well into their golden years without the need for pharmaceuticals. It is shocking to realize the far-reaching devastation resulting from animal consumption. If you find it difficult to value your own life enough to make wise and forceful choices, at least consider the catastrophic effect those poor selections have on our planetary environment. Future generations should not be plagued with the same ignorance that we have been bred to believe. For them, we must establish concrete parameters of sane living in this insane and lost world. Every day there is further evidence substantiating the need to adapt a plant-based diet. When you have released yourself from the shackles of “normality” and aspired to embrace truth, you will elevate your well-being to the status it deserves.

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