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21 Aug 2018
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One woman listened to her body and her heart. Hippocrates was the answer.

Article by Hippocrates Health Educator, Gigi Jones

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Hippocrates Wellness saved my life and I am forever grateful. When I first arrived in February 2016, my health was in a state of emergency. In July 2015, I decided to approach my doctor about having a colonoscopy. He referred me to a gastroenterologist who found two large polyps in my colon during the procedure. He sent the biopsy down to the lab and wanted to schedule an appointment for me to have the polyps removed.

Several days later, he called me to deliver the most terrifying and shocking news of my life: “You have colon cancer.” I felt my heart stop. He went on to say that I needed surgery right away and made me an appointment with the surgeon the following day.

I asked the gastroenterologist, what he thought caused this cancer, considering it does not run in my family. He said it could be caused by several things—poor diet, stress and lack of exercise.

I had allowed fear, stress, toxic relationships and bad eating habits to inflict the ultimate damage to my overall health.

That night, I prayed like never before. I asked God to direct my path. I woke up the next morning with an answer: “Do your research. If you continue this path, you will truly die.” At that moment, I remembered my body is designed to heal itself when given the right medicine: food.

I scoured the internet looking for ways of self-healing without surgery. I told a friend that I was not going to subject myself to surgery, that I needed to heal the cause of my disease.

I immediately began researching Hippocrates, and was amazed at what I found. I watched YouTube videos of Brian Clement lecturing on living foods, and Ann Wigmore reversing her colon cancer through wheatgrass.

I realized I needed to work with people who could support me spiritually, nutritionally and physically to help bring balance back to my body. Plus, the wisdom of God made me receptive to the Life Transformation Program.

My mind was made up. I was going to Hippocrates Wellness! I knew I would have to change my lifestyle to reverse cancer in my body. I would have to eliminate stress and bad diet, and change my negative, doubtful thought process into positive, loving thinking.

When I informed my precious sons that I would not consider traditional medical treatment, they had fear in their eyes. I understood, but I could feel their love giving me strength. It made me fearless to take a journey I had never considered before. I chose to live.

At Hippocrates Wellness, I learned how to get rid of stress by making peace with myself. I learned yoga and how to meditate. I changed my friends and environment. I ate living foods like wheatgrass, green juice and sprouts. I drank clean water and incorporated IV therapy into my treatments. I returned home three weeks later fully transformed! I’m a 100 percent raw, living foods vegan, and I continue today to live a Hippocrates lifestyle.

With all the support from family and friends, and most importantly, God and Hippocrates Wellness, today, I am cancer-free without surgery! website:

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Is there a call to action inside your heart?

Are you wondering how to follow it?

Would you welcome an experience of vitality and connection?

We offer a program here at Hippocrates that encourages the discovery of these answers and more. 

Creating a high vibrational environment for the mind, body and spirit while at the same time learning and growing alongside a diverse global community of like-minded people ignites our passions and awakens our joy.

There is truly nothing like this available anywhere else in the world.  This commitment builds understanding and confidence both of the holistic living foods lifestyle and one’s self.  We call it our Health Educator Program.

Special one time offerings are  available for this upcoming session which starts on Sept. 16.  Call us at 561-471-8868 or email us at [email protected] to learn what they are and begin this experience of a lifetime! 

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