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1 Jun 2012
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Painting a picture to describe this fruitful exploration begins with yourself. Beyond the protein that holds your body together, the vitamin and mineral sheathing that covers it, the essential fats that fuel it and the water and oxygen that shape it, the underlying purpose for your body?s existence is the electricity that it takes in and creates. There is a continual and perfect communication from cell to cell and from gathering of cells (organs and / or skeletal) to gathering of cells. This communication also reaches beyond your body to all other life outside.

This rhythmic and energetic process is strong, yet fragile. It can be thrown off by a weakening of the anatomical integrity of the cells or their central electrical frequencies. This weakening can occur via poor nutrition, dehydration and / or polluted hydration, lack of oxygen, intake of heavy metals or chemicals or renegade electromagnetic fields such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.

All abnormalities that have been labeled as diseases stem from the negative energies that are endured from the poor lifestyle choices and unsustainable environment that we have created on planet earth today.

Our core vulnerability stems from the reduction of bio-frequency that occurs in the cell, which heightens its fragility to make it ineffective in communication and contribution. When these disturbances are critical, they can even cause a cell to mutate.

When you ingest ionized, rich, raw plant-based foods, it provides foundational energy. You then have to consider avoiding negative energy fields or at least protecting yourself from them with electromagnetic field interrupting devices or tools.

What is more difficult to avoid and personally restrain from is the negative energy that we absorb or spew from discontented emotional states. Most of you have seen this and experienced it. Certain people, places or environments can make you feel uncomfortable, on edge and literally drained.

With a discombobulated sense of self, most people are sponges rather than water hoses, stealing energy from all other forms of life. All bad effects of these encounters can be minimized if you maintain a strong electrical current in your cells, manifesting a powerful anatomy and persona. Just as an electric fence rejects the unwanted invaders of a terrain, an electrically charged person can ward off disease and fallibility of thought.

Picture all that you see, understand, touch, and feel as little dots of electricity. Some may be flowers, some steel, some rock, some cats, and some locomotives and jet planes. The shapes, forms, and lives are created by energy. This energy comes in the form of these electric dots.

As when a light bulb fades, susceptibility to disorder rises. In the case of steel, it is oxygen that erodes it into rust. In the case of humans, it is negative thought and sustenance as well as environmental toxins.

In this 21st century, we must go well beyond this façade and realize that the less we take structure as serious and the more we accept the invisible and unknown energies of life, the healthier we and the earth we reside on will be.

This all begins with these tiny little microscopic cells that need to be respected and cared for in a thorough and proper way. As our minds free us from the constraints of matter, we will surge forward in our understanding that our endless search must be for the "Fountain of Electric," not the Fountain of Youth.

In years past, my book, Lifeforce, expressed that there is no such thing as a calorie, but a measurement of energy. We have gathered together enough experience so that we can express to you which foods and noninvasive therapies will fortify your fields of bio-frequency.

Leading pioneers in this field of science, such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, have been writing about this and teaching it for more than 60 years. Dr. Hunt has demolished the walls between science and esoteric thought. As she expresses and we concur, all is the same.

True relaxation occurs with the acceptance that everything is exactly as it should be. Once you are ready to embrace the reality that you have total control and no control, the manifestation of pure and solid health will occur.

When using advanced medical technologies as we do here at Hippocrates Wellness, like Ondamed, we can now measure a person?s deficiency or adequacy of energy. With a refined understanding of different organ?s cellular systems, the real reasons for illness can be determined.

We hope that each of you are struck — hit with a bolt of enlightenment that exhumes your blockages and provokes your limitless potential. If we could all stop thinking of ourselves as victims of circumstance and begin thinking of ourselves as light itself, we would eradicate the physical, emotional, and spiritual problems that prevail in ourselves and here on this globe.

In Quantum Nutrition, the book that I am beginning to piece together, I will show you that magnets in the cell connect you with all other life and that phosphorous sheathings make up the majority of your DNA. This provides the ultimate evidence that you are vessels of electromagnetic energy that transmutes the physical appearance that you are so familiar with.

In the not-so-distant future, there is no doubt that sound, light and energy will be harnessed in medical technology at such a level, it will penetrate your electric body and eradicate the core culprit in the cause of physical disease.

Let?s tune ourselves with proper nutrients, positive thoughts, rewarding relationships, healthy living and work environments, and fulfilling activities. When our cells are vibrating at the level that they are meant to, the negative schemers that are out to make us sick will be abolished.

When we listen to a fine Mozart concerto, witness the crashing waves or gaze up at the endless stars, harmony will once again prevail.

Commit yourself to the invisible cells reconstruction and you will be assured a future of conscious well-being and abounding joy.

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