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4 Jan 2019
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More than a decade ago the World Health Organization declared “stress” a global epidemic.
This has changed only in the fact that stress levels have risen.  Even mainstream medicine now accepts “stress” as the underlying cause of most illness and disease.
Managing stress is perhaps the only solution to finding peace and balance in this “Age of Uncertainty,” fast-paced lifestyles and self-imposed expectations.
What I do in my workshops and retreats is provide practical tools and techniques to achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  Clients then take charge, overcome stress, lead healthier, happier lives, and GET OFF THE TREADMILL.
Here is a sample of what I do in my one week intensive program combined with the complementary Hippocrates lifestyle.
Emphasis on “Healing Qigong.”  Developed in Tibet and recognized worldwide, this non-invasive practice reduces stress and disease, normalizes blood pressure, oxygen demand and pulse rates, awakens and  cultivates energy (qi) through simple movements, postures and breath coordination.  Easy for anyone, regardless their physical conditioning.  Removes blocks, obstructions, congestion and pain from both the physical and emotional body.
Visualization.  Changing perceptions to see you are greater and more powerful than a diagnosis.  Feeling at home in your body regardless what may be going on.  Acceptance of your situation.  Developing calmness, concentration and mindfulness.
Defining the Mind/Body Connection.  Pleasure and Power in being fully present regardless the crisis. Learning how to show up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, Not be Attached to the Outcome.
Allowing whatever is being shaken up in our lives to evolve.  (THIS IS HUGE!) Learning to think outside the box.  Looking at relationship between parts of the problem and the whole.  REALLY:  It’s OK.
RELAXATION.  In a state of calmness and balance, we can begin to rise above our fears and deal with pain and discomfort.  By teaching the body and mind to relax, we build inner strength, develop patience and deepen concentration.
So here is the gist of what I have dedicated my life to do for not only others, yet for myself as well through my lifestyle practices accomplished in best intention.
I call it “Riley Stress Reduction,” because that is my name and stress reduction is my game.  We’ll refer to this process for  lifestyle healing and maintenance as RSR.
RSR is intensive training in mindfulness, a method for cultivating careful and sustained attention and awareness to observe changing conditions of mind and body.  Teaching specific strategies in stress reduction for coping with fear, anxiety, alienation, isolation, pain and low morale.
RSR improves lives by:

  1.   Reducing stress related physical and psychological symptoms and increases stress coping abilities.
  2.   Promoting self care skills and expanded the awareness of oneself and the world.
  3.   Promoting healthy living, wellness and stress management.

As a saying goes:  “There is no magic bullet.” I disagree.  My thinking is:  “YOU ARE THE MAGIC BULLET.”  Up to you to pull the trigger of health.
Article by Dr. Edwin Riley
The Stress Reduction Program is offered monthly at Hippocrates Wellness. Click here to learn more.
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