The Special Stay Before the Big Day

18 Oct 2018
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Hippocrates provided me with much-needed R&R before my wedding.


Five weeks before my wedding at the end of March, I found myself traveling to the beautiful surroundings at Hippocrates Wellness, having found out about it only three weeks prior. It was an early wedding present from my fiancé, who wanted to help me get my health on track, detox my body and give me some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation before our big day.

I have suffered some major ongoing health issues, including constipation and bowel issues, for more than 30 years. I’ve had food intolerances and allergic rhinitis— which I finally pinpointed to mushrooms. My stomach issues cause me daily upsets, bleeding and embarrassment. I have many days where I have to cancel appointments with my piano students or with my job helping people save money. This costs me income and puts pressure on me mentally and physically. As soon as I arrived at Hippocrates, I was welcomed by staff and guests alike. My room was comfortable, and though I was to be accompanied by two other guests, I had the first night to myself.

Our induction was thorough. I soon learned all about the delicious foods, condiments and little extras, and realized that my bland choices the night before needn’t have scared me into thinking I’d be eating rabbit food for a week—far from it!

The addition of raw asparagus, dulse flakes, lemon juice, turmeric and aminos made the sprouts and greens taste simply delicious. I couldn’t wait for my next meal. The special Saturday desserts were worth queueing up for, too—each dairy-free and seriously yummy.

I managed some early-morning swim sessions, which is not like me, but the pools were so peaceful and inviting. My schedule of appointments meant I couldn’t fit in much more exercise, as I wanted to learn from the workshops, too.

I experienced many different therapy treatments on the package, including an amazing hara massage (wow!) before my colonic. I was concerned about having this treatment done, given my health conditions, but it did me a world of good. It was an emotional experience, but well worth it.

I made good use of the health center and spa, opting for the complete luxuries of oxygen therapy and facial treatments in preparation for my wedding.

Every person I saw at Hippocrates had a glow about them, especially on about day three or four. It’s like there’s a beautiful energy that flows through the place, even through those with serious issues. There’s hope here. They are in the right place to find the solutions to their problems.

The knowledge imparted through the staff and the program is incredible. It’s something I aim to pass on to as many people as I can, in the hope that they will find the truth about great health, too. Thank you, Hippocrates for a beautiful pre-wedding experience. A week was simply not enough. I’ll be back soon!

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