Detox to live a clean and healthy lifestyle!

23 Aug 2019
Detox To Live A Clean And Healthy Lifestyle
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Vegan Podcast series by Christian Wenzel from Berlin and Nurse Tom Fisher from the Hippocrates Wellness in Florida.

Listen in with Christian Wenzel as he speaks to Nurse Tom Fisher from the Hippocrates Wellness. Christian attended the renowned institute and shares his experience with the knowledge of Nurse Tom to get an in-depth look on the benefits of cleaning and caring for your body on a cellular level.

They break down how caring for your body from the inside can benefit larger scale problems throughout your life; from cancer care, memory care, and weight care to completely understand why Hippocrates works.

“Tom freed himself from cancer over 20 years ago and has not relapsed since then. For over 9 years, he has taught at the Hippocrates Wellness on Healthy Diet, Detoxification and Supplements.”

Join Christian and Tom in their Podcast: Detoxification and Cleaning From Inside! Dive into the entire podcast but also look for specific details that are broken down into Christian’s episode series and jump to areas like:

  • Vitamins and protein powder essentials
  • Superfoods & Essential Supplements exposed
  • How to Grow the Best Wheatgrass
  • How to Grow Your Own Wheatgrass and Sprouts

Click here listen ->  (note there is 1:30 German introduction that you can skip)

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