What is a Bitter Melon?

10 Oct 2019
Bitter Melon
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Bitter Melon

While Bitter Melon originates from India it is now commonly grown in all tropic and sub-tropic regions world-wide including China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean. It is widely used in these regions for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The texture is juicy and its’ appearance resembles that of cucumber only more bitter in taste and having a more bumpy and jagged exterior. It can be eaten raw and is a popular ingredient in some Southeast Asian and Indian salads.

Bitter melon has been traditionally used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes in many different cultures. In Okinawa, the indigenous people popularly credit this widely used vegetable for their legendary long life expectancy. Other traditional medicinal uses include stomach complaints, fever, diabetes, respiratory ailments, skin problems, ulcers, gout, and rheumatism.

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