7 Jun 2019
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We have an exciting announcement from the Hippocrates Wellness’s online programs department… We are running a competition through the end of August 2019, and we will be giving away one free Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program.

If you are drawn to learn about a powerful, results-driven lifestyle that you are called to learn and live so as to teach others, this online program is for you.

At your own pace for 12-months, you can dive deeply into the 320-hour program and join hundreds of people who are steeped in the conversation around living and teaching the Hippocrates Lifestyle.

Every day students in 45 countries from around the globe are experiencing freedom from cravings, experiencing substantial weight loss, and finally have the answers they have been seeking about health and anti-aging. They tell us there is NO other online program like this in the world. That makes sense to us because Hippocrates has been the Mecca of health for over 6 decades.  

Our program “makes sense” to them and living the lifestyle becomes within reach for them as we guided them step-by-step on a journey toward optimal health. Our students feel that they no longer need to guess how they can live a healthy lifestyle, age gracefully and prevent disease.

You must submit an application and explain to us why you feel you deserve this amazing prize worth $3,795. Hint — focus less on your circumstances and more on your inspiration.

Please submit an application here.
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