The Life That Food Contains

23 Aug 2019
The Life That Food Contains
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Over the last several decades science has finally diminished some of its arrogance and begun to explore the natural chemical elements in vegan food. Such findings are the antioxidant effect, the phytonutrients and a wide spectrum of elements that formerly were unknown have significantly moved us forward and are shedding new and exciting light on the importance of diet and whole food extracts.

With Hippocrates core dietary program we have refined our present day understanding in the areas of nutrients’ roles in immune enhancement. In previous years we thought more about the developmental structure of healthy cells through vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, etc., and although they form the outer fibrin structure, the oxygen, enzymes, hormones and phytochemicals have proven to be the igniter and reason for the cells existence. Electron microscopes have also added trillions of cells to the formerly believed billions of cells the body harbored at any given time. Life cycles of different forms of cells and discoveries such as brain cells’ redevelopment by the Swedes have added to the depth and dimension we now explore in the role of the fuel providing living foods.

With the knowledge that the body works through electrical frequency, we now have the following understandings.

1. Hormones are not only the chemistries that are coming from one cell and effecting another cell, they are the carriers of present and past information and wind strong threads of memory into the structural part of healthy cells.

Think of this as a golden thread that is woven into the tapestry of your life. This hormonal effect is a key factor in all memories of your life as well as genetic memories stemming back to the origin of humans. Fight mechanisms, emotions of all types, etc., are a part of hormones’ legacy.

2. Oxygen is the food which allows the floating circular or oval cells to propel themselves throughout our bodies and at the same time create the perfect environment for nutrient absorption of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, phyto-chemicals, etc. Additionally, this purified environment acts as an anti-microbial chamber, which expands the potential for electron activity, which generating life and permitting all organs and other cells to fully function.

Oxygen permits all life as we know it to exist on this planet. Needless to say, it is at the center of our human anatomy. Our current day understanding of oxygen in medical text is sadly, at best, only a small part of the story. Raw living vegetarian food in its fresh and peak moment is the most significant contributor to one’s oxygen reservoir and only second to proper breathing of clean air.

3. Enzymes are not only the catalyst of all life but the creator of continued healthy lives. Absorption of nutrients is a mutual attraction process between the enzyme activity in the living food and the electromagnetic frequency in the human cell, which was greatly created by life (electric) in our food to begin with. Cells’ movement is attributed to enzyme activity and all working organs. As one example, the heart, requires strong, enzymatic interplay with minerals, trace minerals, etc.

Structurally protein vehicles, enzymes contain frequency, which sparks the ignition of all life’s physical and emotional actions. Amazingly, it is an enzyme activity that creates a human when a sperm and an egg come together. Ironically, it is an enzyme activity that breaks down the human body beginning at the time of our demise, reintroducing us into the earth to provide further cycles of life. Enzymes are at the heart of all existing life and the evolution of the past and future of this life.

4.Phyto-Nutrients are significant natural chemistry that are contained in all plant based living food. Exploration into these newfound friends has filled in the missing chapters in the book of how food is the ultimate physical healer. Not only protectors from potential disease but eroders of existing disease. Phyto-Chemicals work within the cell to vacuum clean any invaders out of the cell and shielding you from these unwanted intruders.

Microscopically observing phyto-nutrients attack of disease is no less than viewing nature’s successful army of health maintainers. Uniquely, each sprout, fruit, vegetable, herb, grass, algae have their own community of phyto-chemicals. This earth-shaking truth has furthered our belief in the magnificence of nature’s intricate pattern and wisdom.

When heating these organic plant-based foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, all of these four phenomenons are destroyed. Shocking as it may seem, there are some in science who are still using the primitive method of bean counting to reveal each of these elements in specimens and go as far as saying that cooking will increase such things as phytonutrients, vitamin and mineral absorption, etc. One can identify the corpse of these elements, but without the living spark of life that gives them function, they are of no assistance.

Food is not first for taste and second for health but the reverse. Consuming those organic foods which have the most active components previously discussed will, without fail, enhance your physical and emotional health, reduce the aging process and ultimately bring you back to the state of humanity that nature intended for you to maintain.

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