Why Your Food Should Be Breathing

16 May 2019
Why Your Food Should Be Breathing
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Raw, vegan foods abound with oxygen in their cellular structure. This oxygen is derived through naturally occurring photosynthesis. Since animals exhaust this oxygen in the process of digestion and lactation, humans receive no residual oxygen in the consumption of meat and dairy food.

The cooking of even the healthiest vegan food eliminates all oxygen content (hence the reason our diets should largely consist of raw, vegan foods). Clinical research has revealed that oxygen within the living foods increase the ability of their nutrients to be synthesized by our cells. Additionally, from these studies we have concluded that the increased hemoglobin levels of formerly impaired patients increased, due in great part to their consumption of oxygen-rich foods.

Living food literally “breathes.” Anyone who has committed to a mostly raw diet for a significant length of time will recognize the difference between a cooked vegetable and a raw one, particularly if the vegetable is green: after eating an uncooked vegetable one feels clear-headed and buoyant.

The life force of a living food can be felt entering the body on cellular level. That is because the consumption of raw foods increases our body’s ability to deliver oxygen to our cells.

One of the first problems that is positively affected by a raw vegetable diet is anemia, the chronic lack of red blood cells. Often the common medical prescription is an increase in red meat, which it patently absurd. Ask why so many anemic people are still anemic after taking the doctor’s advice. It simply doesn’t work.

Actually, the idea is rather medieval, similar to the once-common belief that eating the blood of an animal would transfer the animal’s personality and good qualities to the person consuming it, or that injecting one’s self with animal blood would cure disease: eat the red meat of an animal, and your own red blood cells will increase. It’s simply absurd.

Anemia is caused by reduced oxygen delivery to the capillaries. Eating a food as dead and oxygen-depleted as meat will not help the situation. “Iron,” they say, “is what builds the blood.” This is a partially true statement; what they don’t realize is that only plant foods are rich in both oxygen and iron. For this combination, eat foods such as sprouted seeds and fresh deep-green vegetables.

By Brian Clement

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