Energy: the Regenerative Medicine of the Future

30 Apr 2021
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By Augusta Malacarne

Coordinator, Energy Medicine Department at Hippocrates Wellness


What if there was a treatment that had no side effects? And that relieved pain, strengthened the immune system, encouraged antiaging and activated the body to fight disease? A treatment that cost only the electricity used during that treatment from your home’s wall socket?

Sound incredible?

Big Pharma’s remedies treat symptoms chemically, stimulating biological activity, which in turn activate electrical magnetic activity, stimulating the body’s cells to heal, or at least to relieve the symptoms. Energy Medicine showers the body with electromagnetic vibrations which directly stimulate the cells of the body to activate healing. It is not surprising, then, that users experience results faster and stronger than those from more expensive biochemical treatments. And without side effects. Energy Medicine is a new science but it has its roots in over a hundred years of international research activity. Since, really, the discovery of electricity itself. And, as with many scientific breakthroughs it has endured the ritual of skepticism, ridicule and resistance until it has finally achieved its present prestige as the promising future of medicine. Even when electricity was discovered: when Ben Franklin linked it to lightning, Faraday captured it in a jar in 1831 and a Vermont blacksmith, Thomas Davenport produced a road-worthy electric car in 1835, few could imagine whole cities illuminated with alternating current. It was not until Nikola Tesla unveiled that possibility at the Chicago Exposition of 1893.


And still, today, physicians have difficulty approaching a patient as an electromagnetic center. Even though, routinely they utilize CAT scans, EKGs, MRIs and X-rays for diagnosis. But not for treatment. Even though, the communications between the cells of the body are fundamentally electric. The western mind has difficulty believing something without understanding the science or the mechanism that drives it. Faith is for religion, not medicine. But now, technology has verified that it is electric impulses which make the body work. Skepticism is eliminated for those who enquire.


The Mayo clinic does use Energy Medicine (EM) for some diagnoses. Dr. Oz in November 2011 on his television show, The Revolutionary Cure for Pain, featured a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) instrument. Now, the NBA, the Olympics, the Vatican Hospital and the Russian health care system employ PEMF devices as curatives. NASA used PEMF devices on MIR astronauts to ward off muscle loss during long confinements.

Celebrities had already begun to experiment with other technologies and word of mouth alerted sufferers to this breakthrough science. Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, Hollywood’s Nick Nolte, model Elle McPherson and Lady Gaga have all experienced a form of Energy Medicine. Now ,even someone like the former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who authors the Solari Report, documenting the concerns about 5G, Catherine Austin Fitts, is a regular user of QRS (Quantum Resonance Systems) in her home. It’s almost mainstream!

The QRS device increases the energy of all cells of the body and reduces electro smog, mitigating the negative effects of EMF exposure and 5G emissions. Treatments reduce inflammation, stress and calcification. QRS has demonstrated positive results for over 200 maladies. The user simply reclines on a soft mat connected to a frequency generator. The QRS emissions then bathe the body with gentle electromagnetic pulses, calibrated to the cells’ natural voltage. Sessions vary from 8 to 20 minutes in duration and can be repeated up to three times a day. Selected accessories like the QRS Glasses and Headphones are designed to support vision and hearing as well as neurological needs.

Another innovative technology available at the Hippocrates Wellness is coMra therapy (Coherent Multi Radiances). This therapy combines pulsation of ultrasound, LED lights, magnets and low laser to reduce inflammation at the cellular level to regenerate tissues. By supporting the mitochondria supply of energy to the cells, the synergistic workings of the multiple radiances increase ATP (Adenosine triphosate), the energy in the body. By employing multiple radiances the coMra therapy device can reach organs and tissues very deeply and reduce inflammation in hard to reach areas.

A compact, affordable version of this device is available for home use as is the portable version of QRS.

In addition to the remarkable results of PEMF therapy, (more than 40,000 studies exist on the subject), new reports continually emerge which demonstrate even more positive benefits of radionics. A recent comparison of PEMF therapy and circuit weight training on bone mineral density in elderly women produced a surprising result. The effortless

application of PEMF therapy resulted in 30% more bone mineral density and content than pumping iron. Good news for combating osteoporosis!

Professor Eftrati, at the Tel Aviv University said the following about their Energy Medicine research, “For many years our team has engaged in Hyperbaric research and therapy based on exposure to high pressure oxygen concentration (HBOT). Our achievements included improvement of brain functions damaged by age, stroke or brain injury. ” And, “Today telomere shortening is considered the Holy Grail of biology of aging, researchers are trying to develop a pharmacological and environment intervention that enable telomere elongation. Our HBOT protocol was able to achieve that, proving that the aging process can be reversed at the basic cellular level”.

The telomeres are the gate keepers to our DNA. They act as the end caps of a chromosome that protect genetic contents from deteriorating. The decline in telomere length causes cells to eventually stop dividing which explains why older people become weaker and more susceptible to illness.

These breakthroughs suggest that Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future. And it’s available now. The salutary relief from stress, fatigue and pain are an affordable alternative to allopathic treatment. In addition, reports of curative results, over a wide range of maladies are encouraging. As a companion to a healthy life style, plant based nutrition and regular exercise, Energy Medicine is a welcome addition. What was once termed “a mysterious fluid force”, electromagnetic frequency and other radiances will soon become household words. What once was mystical is now proven practical. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In all animal and vegetable forms, the physiologist concedes that no chemistry, no mechanics can account for the facts, but a mysterious principle of life must be assumed which not only inhabits an organ, but makes the organ.”

With regard to health and healing it’s good to keep an open mind!

For additional information or consultation on Energy Medicine or purchase of Energy Medicine technology, call Augusta Malacarne at 929 923 2941 or email [email protected]

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