Is Science Valid?

21 Feb 2020
Is Science Valid?
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All research must involve an ethical pursuit of the truth.

|by Brian Clemnt, PhD, LN|

Prohibition from science due to the enormous economic requirement it takes to accomplish research has put multinational corporations in the driver’s seat of practically all universities, laboratories, research centers and academia. It is the old story of the “haves” versus the “have nots” that has eroded one of the beacons of light into a flickering neon sign used to push products and sell ideologies. Convincing non-scientists worldwide that the platinum standard is disseminated from a group of highly educated scientists has bamboozled the masses into believing in its legitimacy. Everything from the newest drug to the 2,000 chemicals created yearly permeates our bodies and environment, decreasing humanity’s ability to live free and healthy lives.

This dilemma can be resolved only when we place integrity and legitimacy at the foundation of research. Cherry picking methods to make a point is not authentic or effective. At this point, the only solution is to review and analyze meta studies (numbers of research papers particular to a certain subject.) Although this is laborious, it is the only way to determine truth. As an example, there may be 100 studies on why 5G is a positive advancement, each of the hundred studies predict different outcomes, yet when comparing all of them, there are certain common threads that are discovered in every case that reveal authentic findings. We know that 5G is a devastating technology and, unfortunately, that will be discovered only after the disastrous health effects begin to arise from its usage. We may find that in the current body of evidence in all of the studies, if we were to look hard enough. Does this mean the scientists are dishonest? No, science is not an absolute. They are licensed to use any means possible in proving the point that they have been asked (paid) to discover.

For the average person, it may be disheartening to know that there is one more thing not to trust. We should not run away from this extraordinary tool, but rather rekindle its roots, discovering futuristic advancements. Whenever I discuss a subject with a scientist, they are unwilling to base any opinion on their own experience and use empirical evidence for all of their thoughts. This robotic approach is at best absurd, and at worst harmful. How is it that we have elevated science to such a lofty level that it robs personal opinion from educated people? With all of that said, we estimate that there still is about 5 percent of science that is funded without ulterior motives. This is the reservoir of purity that we can drink from and be perpetually hydrated. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to forage through the weeds and find it.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”— Albert Einstein

Here at Hippocrates Wellness, we do not conduct formal research studies, but instead have utilized clinical observation on the effects that our lifestyle has had on hundreds of thousands of people for more than 64 years. Although you cannot publish these studies and get into the competitive arena of so-called legitimate science, I believe the validity of our work is authentic and provable on the human level.

Most doctors and scientists who are part of the status quo think like paupers who want to be approved by their colleges, so they expend enormous amounts of energy on being accepted rather than pioneering and radically shifting the future of science in a new pristine direction. Creating standards that prevent the mass majority from participating in the advancement of humanity is an arrogant, inhumane and foolish pursuit. Oftentimes, a nonconventional figure, like Newton, establishes a whole new mindset to relish. The Teslas, Planks, Einsteins and Elon Musks of the world were not going along with the program but rewriting it and placing it on the new theater of advancement. All too often we forget that the renegades seem to be the only ones with enough self-respect and internal fortitude to open the window to new realities. How sad it would be if the Wright brothers decided it was too difficult to fly or NASA said reaching the moon was impossible. What I have observed in my half-century of work is that the outcasts most often cast new light on the path of progress.

Do not get stuck in regurgitating construed scenarios from constrained institutions of science. Dig deeply into their work, discovering the very jewels that they did not recognize from their own unimaginable pursuits. Authentic, unadulterated science is more about consistent results that fix and heal current anomalies. All that are not contributing to this very important endeavor are not worthy of being called professionals. Reengage the sciences so they can find new resolutions to old obstacles. Never stop progressing and always remember that all can improve. Ultimate is a frail concept conjured up by exhausted, non-imaginative people who are unwilling to go the mile. Sadly, science today is more deceptive than not having any “scientific facts” at all.

We stand on the cusp of either a dark or bright future. Our very existence depends on us making the right choices. Do not think for one moment that it is too late; it is actually very early on in the game to head toward a positive future. Participate by demanding truth, not only from others but most importantly from yourself. Eradicate hopelessness by inserting hopefulness; not the kind that is mystical, but the type that is real. Is science real? Yes. Yet we have to make the scientists who pursue it remember the obligation they have in advancing humanity. Make this new year a starting point for the future of good, ethical science. Help 2020 start a new direction toward scientifically proven truth.

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