The Long Covid Dilemma

24 Apr 2023
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The Long Covid Dilemma

By Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N 


Never in the history of recorded medicine have we had a microbe that lingered along and received the distinguished placement as the first perpetual virus. At worst, in the past, we have seen that when people contract the common cold or flu or, even more sinister, E.coli, etc., when they recover, they may endure a short time where they do not feel as perky or strong as they did previously. Scientists, physicians, and practices worldwide are now dealing with a dilemma they did not learn about in school and have not experienced. LONG COVID, as the allopathic community calls it, has tainted millions of people’s lives who are suffering long after they took the experimental vaccine or contracted the 19-microbe. Of course, there is debate and controversy surrounding the question, “Where did it come from?,” but we will not focus on that. Our real question is, “Why is this disturbing and destroying the lives of many?” 


Here on the Hippocrates Wellness campus, we, like every other group of healthcare professionals, work with people daily who tell us about symptoms that linger and linger without any viable assistance from conventional means. One institute that takes this disastrous situation seriously is a multi-disciplinarian group of doctors at UCLA. Dr. Meghan Agarwal, a cardiologist, employs the word POTS to describe the vast symptomatology that many of these sufferers express. The brain is most often affected since people describe their inability to think clearly and concisely. This, I would say, is the most common complaint. Many of you reading this, who suffered the virus, talk about OLFACTORY problems. You lost your ability to smell.


Scientists finally realized why this occurred since this patented virus attacks the nervous system’s neurons and derogate the lining of tissue that registers and perceives fragrance. Weakened immune systems are the 2nd obvious malady that may be expressed by having more health problems via colds or even formidable diseases. When checked, we are now clear that the cerebrospinal fluid includes exceptionally high amounts of proteins associated with inflammation. This means that your army of immune cells is working in the area of the nervous system rather than fighting microbes and mutagens that require immune cell adversaries. We have seen many of our alumni who have been well for years until the virus and/or its supposed antidotes presented itself. Another symptom that we observe is lingering virus; this is where people seem to have never gotten over the initial contamination. What has been discovered is this covid strain observed through neuropsychiatric symptoms appears in small packages in the brain and opens themselves as long as three months after the initial infection. This means the bug persists in the central nervous system for a long time. Another study found genetic material from the virus in patients’ brains almost 8 months after experiencing their first symptoms. A more hidden and technical observation has been a macrophage attack. This is from autopsies of people who have reportedly died from the virus. Macrophage precursor cells and red blood cells work within the cellular lining to protect healthy brain neurons and astrocytes. When the virus attacks the lining, it rips open the walls that buffer the neurons and astrocytes, which creates a kill-off of neurons inflaming the brain. 


All of this is strange, unexpected, and disheartening. I think it is time that we go back and ask the institutions that patented this virus what their objective was and, more importantly, what they can do to create viable remedies for those suffering from their manufactured creation. We must understand that you cannot patent a natural virus. Dr. Martin, the CEO and Leader of ACAM, clearly announced to the world that there are organizations, governments, and institutions over the last quarter of a century that have manifested a microbe that would not exist with nature and certainly not come from doing a perverted thing like eating a bat. Long covid should give each of us time to reflect on what humanity has just been put through over the last few years, asking the questions, how, why, and more importantly, who? If you are suffering from any symptoms described, here at Hippocrates, we have methods and practices that have proven effective in addressing this universal disorder. If you want to once and for all leave this nightmare behind, it would be wise to fully engage and embrace this lifestyle combined with nutrient and energy medicine treatments.  


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